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Bubble Lined Envelopes & Padded Mailers

Bubble Lined Mailers & Envelopes

Sending delicate items through the mail is always tricky, some padded envelopes can be quite heavy and put the costs of mailing up substantially, however sending delicate or oddly shaped items in regular envelopes can lead to the goods being damaged in transit, making it the sender's responsibility to replace the product. The best solution in these circumstances is bubble lined envelopes.

If you're sending items which could be damaged long distance, particularly overseas, bubble lined and Jiffy bags are going to be the solution for you.

Bubble lined bags and envelopes are lighter than macerated paper yet made of comparably sturdy materials. Bubble wrap has been used since the 60s to wrap and protect goods while in storage and transit and bubble lined bags and envelopes provide similar protection in the form of a simple, strong envelope.

If your business frequently sends items in the mail that could be easily damaged then you should think about buying your bubble envelopes wholesale, this keeps overheads down and means that you will always have a stock of bubble lined envelopes in a variety of sizes.