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  • Twist ties made from steel wool
  • A quick method for heavy duty securing, ideal for use with sacks and tubing
  • Requires a "Wire Tie Tool" to twist and tie using a hook and eyelet method
  • Plain black steel or green PVC coated to suit different products
  • Various sizes of ties available

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We offer a substantial selection of steel wire ties, along with a robust wire tie tool required for the successful operation of all our twist ties.

Steel twist wire ties are a cost-effective, quick and simple way for tying and securing throughout a range of industries. Often used as sack ties, our wire twist ties efficiently fasten sacks and tubing of all materials including plastic, hessian, paper and fabrics.

Versatile PVC coated steel twist ties can safely be used outdoors without degradation, and with their soft PVC coating can be trusted not to damage the material they are securing – perfect for fabrics or metals.

All our wire ties are REACH compliant. These ties are applied, twisted and tightened using our ‘wire tie tool’.

Wire tie tool

  • Designed to quickly secure twist wire ties.
  • Feed the two eyelets of the tie over the hook on the tool.
  • Pull and twist the handle to secure the wire tie.
  • Robust rubberised handle.

Plain steel twist wire ties

  • Black annealed steel, commonly used in the building and agricultural trades.
  • Suitable for tying hessian sacks, heavy duty polythene, thick ply paper sacks.

PVC coated steel twist wire ties

  • Green plastic (PVC) coated wire ties.
  • PVC coating allows the tie to be secured without risk of damage to the product.
  • Commonly used in the textile industry and for outdoor securing, ie: Fence construction.