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Double Wall Corrugated Cardboard Sheets

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  • Strong, plain cardboard sheets
  • Sheets made from double wall corrugated cardboard when extra strength is required
  • Board grade 125 with a RB flute and brown in colour
  • Each sheet is approximately 5mm thick and has excellent burst resistance
  • Ideal for creating strong dividing walls in cartons and stacking loads
  • Available in a range of widths and lengths


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Length x Width
(A) x (B)
Sheets Per Pack Price Per Sheet Enter No. Of Sheets
600 x 800 mm
Half Europa size
20 50.4p 42.7p 38.2p 30.9p Remove 20 unitsAdd 20 units
860 x 1810 mm
10 £1.69 £1.60 £1.20 £1.02 Remove 10 unitsAdd 10 units
1095 x 905 mm
Full Container size
10 £1.03 85.9p 72.0p 64.1p Remove 10 unitsAdd 10 units
800 x 1200 mm
Full Europa size
10 94.1p 84.7p 72.9p 61.6p Remove 10 unitsAdd 10 units
1000 x 1200 mm
Pallet size
10 £1.05 97.5p 82.0p 73.2p Remove 10 unitsAdd 10 units

Plain corrugated sheets from Kite Packaging made from strong double wall corrugated cardboard.

One of our most popular and versatile packaging products, our cardboard sheets are available in an array of popular sizes from A4 all the way up to full pallet size. Used for stacking, reinforcing and separating, our strong double wall corrugated cardboard sheets can be easily cut to size to suit your own specific requirements.

The most common uses of double wall cardboard sheeting is as dividers and stabilisers. Double wall corrugated cardboard sheets make strong divider sheets for use within boxes, as layering pads to separate and protect fragile products from crushing and damaging each other. Stabilise stacked loads by separating layers with sturdy double wall cardboard sheets, and create safer, greater capacity pallet loads.

Our cardboard sheets easily cut to the size you need, and are often used to make large custom-sized boxes. Each double wall cardboard sheet is approximately 5mm thick and brown in colour.

The diagram below refers to the table dimensions, where length (A) is the first measurement shown and width (B) being the second:

cardboard sheets