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Nomafoam U-Tulip Profile Corner Protection

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  • Specially engineered Nomafoam corner protection, with U channel design
  • Provide optimal protection for corners, and is non-abrasive
  • Blue in colour with 100mm length each side
  • Incredibly quick and easy to handle, can also be reused
  • Dimensions:
      A = Widest opening
      B = Narrowest opening
      C = Side length


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Dimensions Units Per Pack Price Per Unit Enter
No. Of Units
A B C 1-3
5-15 mm 16mm 3mm 29mm 900 16.5p 16.0p 13.9p 12.9p Remove 900 unitsAdd 900 units
15-25 mm 24mm 10mm 35mm 600 16.9p 16.1p 15.4p 14.3p Remove 600 unitsAdd 600 units
25-35 mm 35mm 20mm 41mm 450 20.8p 18.4p 18.0p 16.9p Remove 450 unitsAdd 450 units
35-45 mm 41mm 25mm 47mm 300 21.0p 20.2p 19.0p 18.6p Remove 300 unitsAdd 300 units
45-60 mm 57mm 30mm 60mm 500 27.0p 24.5p 22.9p 21.3p Remove 500 unitsAdd 500 units
60-80 mm 71mm 45mm 66mm 400 33.7p 30.5p 29.1p 28.4p Remove 400 unitsAdd 400 units
80-100 mm 92mm 60mm 68mm 280 45.7p 41.5p 35.2p 32.6p Remove 280 unitsAdd 280 units

About U-tulip corner protection

Following Nomafoam’s hugely popular U-profile protection range, the leading supplier of foam has created U Profile corner protection to provide optimal performance in transit and reduce damage to delicate corners.

Ideal for furniture, glass panes, doors, mirrors, and trickier items such as radiators, safes and antiques. U corner protection fits snuggly around the corner, providing protection around it and the immediate edge.

Manufactured using industry-standard non-abrasive polyethylene foam, they are much easier and quicker to apply than bubble wrap or paper padding. The corners have a 30kg/m3 density, making them highly shock absorbent.

*Please note that our U-tulip corner protection is not fire-rated.

Our range of U-tulip corner protection

We stock a huge variety of U-tulip corners, which can accommodate most corners for protecting in transit, and in storage. They are supplied as pieces, all with a length of 200mm total (100mm height and 100mm width).

Ranging from small 5-15 corners right up to 80-100 corners, they are all non-scratch and designed with Nomafoam’s signature flexibility and high grip strength. They are temperature resistant from -40C to +100C and absorb very little water (less than 1% volume after 40 days). If you are a green company these foam pieces are also a great choice in fulfilling your sustainability aims – they are 100% recyclable and chemically neutral.


All our U -tulip corner protection is U shaped and each length measures 100mm.

The U Profile, like all Nomafoam products, is defined by its useable dimensions (for example 5-15mm) which is measured according to its ‘A’ (widest) and ‘B’ (narrowest) opening. For example, when a corner is 16mm thick a 15-25 piece is needed, however if a corner is 14mm thick a 5-15 foam piece is required.

The ‘C’ dimension is the length of the profile side.

Video: Nomafoam U-Tulip Profile Corner Protection
Watch a demonstration on our U-Tulip Corner Foam Protection range and application

Our range of U Tulip foam corner protection includes a range of sizes.

The unique, dual tulip design, provides 360 degree protection for corners, and a secure fit.

You can use to protect the corners of tables, chairs, wardrobes and much more. Simply clip on, and push in place.

Because of its shape, each side grabs on to the corner edge - so even slippery materials can be protected.

You can also use U Tulip foam to protect the corners of picture frames, to reduce damage in transit.