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  • Foam specially designed to protect corners, popular with the furniture industry
  • Can be used for products whilst in storage or during transit, to keep corners un-damaged
  • Made from polyethylene foam, with non-scratch properties
  • Easy to attach to a variety of products
  • Dimensions:
      A = Diameter of foam laid flat
      B = Thickness of foam

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Round cut corner protection

Round cut corner protection is the most common type of foam fitting for corners and performs incredibly well. Ideal for furniture, white goods such as fridge-freezers, paintings, mirrors and glass panels – if it has a corner this is the product to protect it!

Made from polyethylene foam, and designed so that they do not scratch or cause abrasion to delicate items, these foam protectors are easy to apply and help to speed up the packing process.

These foam corners have a 27 kg/m3 density to absorb shock and prevent damage caused by knocks and bangs.

*Please note that our foam round cut corner protection is not fire-rated.

Our range of round cut corner protection includes two of the most popular sizes, a 70mm and 100mm, to accommodate most corners. They are supplied in individual units, and pack quantities differ per size.

These foam corners are blue in colour. As well as being 100% recyclable and chemically neutral, these foam corners are non-scratch, water resistant, and not affected by extreme temperatures – making them ideal for import and export.


Foam round cut corners have just two dimensions. Dimension 'A' is the diameter of the foam fitting when laid flat. Dimension 'B' is the thickness of the foam, although the density is the same across the whole range.