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Polythene Mattress Covers

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  • High strength polythene mattress covers (80 micron/320 gauge)
  • Designed for protecting mattresses in storage and transit
  • Most popular with the removals industry, for a professional and efficient service offering
  • Covers are supplied on a roll and can be torn off via a perforated edge


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Width x Gusset x Length
Covers Per Pack Price Per Cover Enter No. Of Covers
(1 pallet)
Single Mattress Cover
940 x 1321 x 2337 mm
80 micron (320 gauge)
60 £1.55 £1.42 £1.32 Remove 60 unitsAdd 60 units
Double Mattress Cover
1450 x 1760 x 2310 mm
70 micron (280 gauge)
50 £1.85 £1.68 £1.52 Remove 50 unitsAdd 50 units
King Size Mattress Cover
1530 x 1920 x 2470 mm
80 micron (320 gauge)
35 £2.26 £2.01 £1.82 Remove 35 unitsAdd 35 units

Our range of high strength polythene mattress bags are perfect for packing and protecting your mattress when moving house, putting your mattress into temporary storage or for providing protection while decorating. Designed to protect single, double and king size mattresses.

These bags are gusseted. The dimensions in the table show the width and length of the bags as well as the size of the gusset when fully extended.

Every home owner knows all about the importance of protecting expensive items, because the cost of repair, renovation or replacement can be extremely high. Polythene mattress covers from Kite Packaging are supremely strong and can be relied upon to provide all the protection you will ever need.

Mattresses aren’t cheap, of course, so our gusseted bags can save you a small fortune when moving or decorating. Our mattress covers represent a sensible investment that can be used time and time again. Because our polythene covers are gusseted, they can easily accommodate mattresses whenever necessary.