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Glue Gun Adhesives & Glue Sticks

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  • Adhesives to be used with any of Kite's glue guns
  • Available in 12mm widths
  • 5kg pack sizes with excellent savings on bulk purchases
  • Choose from clear or light tan
  • All sticks are 300mm long.


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Width Type Pack Size Price Per Pack Enter No. Of Packs
12mm General Purpose
Light Tan
5 kg
170 sticks
£39.80 £35.07 £33.32 £31.96 Remove 1 unitsAdd 1 units
12mm General Purpose
5 kg
170 sticks
£39.63 £34.92 £33.18 £31.82 Remove 1 unitsAdd 1 units

Glue guns are used throughout numerous industries to dispense either low melt or hot melt adhesives to bond a multitude of surfaces from paper and card to textiles, plastics, wood and ceramics. Kite Packaging offer a complete range of glue gun adhesives for use with all of our Glue Guns. If you require hot glue gun sticks we have the right glue gun glue sticks in stock ready for dispatch.

Not sure which glue gun sticks you require? Use our simple Glue Gun Guide

Our range of glue gun adhesive sticks are available in either clear or light tan. All sticks are 300mm long.

Please note if you are purchasing our glue guns that using other adhesives will compromise glue gun warranty - we recommend using only Kites adhesives to keep warranty valid.