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  • Hot melt glue guns, for general purpose use
  • Light duty and industrial use guns available
  • Can use fast set, medium set and high set adhesive
  • General purpose: Dispenses up to 750g per hour
  • Industrial duty: Dispenses up to 1200g per hour
  • SAVE and purchase a glue gun bundle, choose from our two gun models and general purpose or fast setting glue
  • Browse our full range of glue gun adhesives

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Hot melt glue guns

Hot melt glue guns are designed to use with our range of industry standard 12mm diameter hot melt adhesive glue sticks. The glue guns work by melting the sticks of glue at high temperatures and then as the glue cools it hardens to the surfaces/surfaces, therefore enabling you to firmly bond a variety of materials including wood, paper card, fabrics, foam, glass, plastics, corrugated cartons and much more. We have two options of guns available along with two hot melt glue adhesives.

General purpose hot melt glue gun

Our general purpose hot melt glue gun can be used with any hot melt glue stick that is 11-12mm in diameter and is ideal for smaller items and less frequent use.

It's key features include:

  • Dispenses 750g of glue per hour
  • Fast warm-up time of 3-5 minutes
  • Hand trigger for easy dispensing of the glue
  • Safety nozzle shroud to prevent burns
  • Front stand allowing it to be stood upright

Industrial hot melt glue gun

Our industrial hot melt glue gun is suitable to be used with any hot melt adhesive glue stick that is 11-12mm in diameter and is suitable for a wide range of uses, particularly larger items and for regular use.

It's key features include:

  • Dispenses 1200g of glue per hour
  • Full hand trigger for ease of dispensing
  • Full safety nozzle shroud to protect against injury
  • Illumination on/off switch
  • Detachable stand ensuring it stays upright when in use but can also be easily stored

It also features an adjustable glue output (the silver adjustable screw as the back) to manage the glue output, when tightened it reduces the amount of glue distributed by stiffening the trigger and when loosened it increases the amount of glue distributed by reduces the trigger pressure, therefore increasing the distribution of the glue.

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Our range of glue guns and their adhesives

Our glue gun range includes light duty and industrial models, ideal for a range of applications. Our general purpose gun is ideal for light useage, it dispenses 750g glue per hour and is extremely reliable. With an integrated front stand, this model is handy and lightweight. Our industrial glue gun is ideal for more frequent useage, it can dispense 1200g per hour and is suitable for light, medium to heavy duty applications. The gun comes with a detatchable stand, enabling it to be stood upright in between applications.