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  • Accessories for our heavy duty heat sealers to increase productivity
  • Accessories suited to heat sealers in widths ranging from 350mm to 1000mm
  • Work table and bag support that attaches to heat sealers for consistent size sealing
  • Unrolling device allows rolling of lay flat and shrink film to be placed easily behind the sealer
  • Ensures minimal effort and allow for a one-handed operation
  • Enhances and eases the use of our heavy duty sealers

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Heavy duty heat sealer accessories

Our range of optional accessories are the perfect addition to any sealing station, the work table and bag support and unrolling device will be sure to increase efficiency and productivity within your operation.

Work table and bag support

The work table and bag support is ideal for holding bags in place as they are being sealed, allowing one-handed operation. It allows users to seal consistent bag sizes with the option of varying the size of the bag they are sealing. By simply moving the support shaft up and down, users can set it to their required bag size.

Easily connected to the front of the heat sealer, it is ideal to use with our range of lay flat tubing and polyolefin shrink wrap, enabling users to create custom sized seal bags with the bag sealer ensuring consistency in size.

Unrolling device

The heavy duty heat sealer unrolling device is ideal for placing rolls of lay flat tubing and polyolefin shrink wrap behind the sealer, enabling users to dispense and seal bags more effectively and efficiently with minimal effort. Teamed up with the bag support, it will allow for consistent cutting and means that the user has a fully integrated system, as opposed to the time-consuming factor of having to set up each time they need to use the heat sealer.