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  • Heat sealers for high volume usage, ideal for sealing polythene, polypropylene and PVC
  • Integrated safety cutting blade
  • Available with or without a foot pedal
  • Variety of widths available with adjustable sealing time and temperature
  • Use in addition with our heavy duty heat sealer accessories
  • Can be used with our lay flat tubing to make custom bags

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Heavy duty heat sealers

What is a heavy duty heat sealer?

A heavy duty heat sealer is chosen by many companies for both producing their own plastic bags as well as creating effective plastic packaging around numerous products quickly and easily. Fully adjustable, these sealers are suitable for constant heavy duty use, producing a perfect seal every time. It seals products by supplying heat to the bag once pushed down in position and the dual controls enable users to programme the temperature of the heat and the sealing time, therefore suiting a range of different bags. They are commonly used for applications in food packaging, manufacturing, construction and medical.

Bundles are also available if users require certain accessories. These include heat sealers that come with and without a foot pedal and include an unrolling device that is used to place your roll of bags on for a seamless integration and a working table that can be altered to varying widths so that uniform-sized bags can be sealed each time.

Do your heavy duty heat sealers have cutters?

Yes, each one of our heavy duty heat sealers comes with a cutter. One of the main benefits of the cutters is increased efficiency and a perfectly straight seal every time, meaning packages look uniform and professional. The cutter is manually used at the same time as sealing and is simple and easy to use, there is a knob at the top of the sealing bar that you simply glide across to cut the product.

Do your heavy duty heat sealers have a foot pedal?

Our three most popular widths 350mm, 500mm and 700mm can be purchased with or without a foot pedal, whilst our 1000mm width one can only be purchased without.

What widths are your heavy-duty heat sealers available in?

Our heavy duty heat sealers are available in an assortment of widths to suit a variety of users, 350mm, 500mm, 700mm and 1000mm. These models each include an integrated sealing magnet to ensure the sealing bar remains in place for the optimum sealing and cooling time and an integrated safety cutting blade can be used to trim excess material. And as mentioned above the option for a foot pedal and other accessories is available.

Warranty information

All our heat sealers are supplied with a 12-month warranty that covers any faulty workmanship. The machine will need to be returned to our engineers, please contact us for more information. The warranty does not cover any consumable parts including Teflon strips and heating elements.

If you experience any faults with your sealer that cannot be fixed by replacing the consumable parts, give us a call and one of our technical advisors will help diagnose the problem and arrange for it to be repaired if necessary. You will need to return the unit, and providing the problem can be identified we always aim to have your unit fixed as soon as possible. We regret that during the repair period we cannot supply a temporary sealer to you.

Video: Creating custom sized bags with a heavy duty heat sealer
Kite Packaging's heavy duty heat sealer is for continuous, industrial scale sealing. See our demonstration of how to quickly bag and seal various products.

Insert layflat tubing and lower the bar to seal. This model uses a magnet to hold the bar in place during sealing.

Lower the bar to seal the top of the bag and release. This heavy duty model is suitable for continuous warehouse use. The built-in electromagnet ensures a perfect seal each time. This model features a separate on/off switch as well as controls to adjust sealing and cooling times. We also sell a range of accessories for these machines.