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  • Gusseted pallet covers made from high quality 100 micron high strength blend
  • Ideal for use with our Pallet Heat Shrink Gun
  • Offers excellent protection and puncture resistance
  • These bags are gusseted to fit a pallet with ease (see images)

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Shrink covers

Specifically designed for covering full pallets, our pallet shrink covers offer a quick and easy method of securing pallet loads providing protection against moisture, dust and theft. These clear polythene heat shrink covers are stronger than standard pallet wrap and provide a professional looking finish to your pallet of goods.

Kite Packaging stock pallet shrink covers suitable for use with all standard pallets, including euro pallets.

Heat shrink pallet covers manufactured from 100 micron high strength blend polythene, supplied perforated on a roll or boxed singles.

These bags are gusseted. The dimensions in the table above show the width and length of the bags as well as the size of the gusset when fully extended.

Gusseted pallet cover 1300/2350x1850mm, to suit a pallet measuring 1200x1000x1200mm with no overhang, or 1200x800x12000mm with an overhang.

The gusset is measured
when fully extended

How to measure gusseted bags
Video: How to apply a heat shrink pallet cover
Watch how to use our polythene pallet covers and heat shrink gun to protect and secure pallet loads.

Place the polythene pallet cover loosely over the pallet.

Ensure the bottom of the cover is tucked under the pallet.

Use the heat gun to shrink the film around the pallet, starting at the bottom.

Wave the gun over each side of the pallet to shrink all sides. You may need to do this several times.

Apply heat to the gusset flaps and pat down to seal the top.

As the polythene shrinks around the pallet, it will tighten and creases will disappear.

Video: Introducing Kite Packaging Heat Shrink Gun

Our Kite pallet heat shrink gun can be used with our large gusseted shrink covers. This gun offers advanced aerodynamics that allows the heat to distribute over a wide area. Ergonomically designed to fit comfortably into the user’s hand, this allows the gun to be used for extended periods of time, making it the perfect tool for when you have a high volume throughput.

Video: Introducing Ripack Heat Shrink Gun 3000

Our most advanced heat shrink gun features cool nozzle technology to avoid risk of burning and for more effective use, the head nozzle also rotates 360 degrees. This gun offers exceptional power allowing users to heat shrink pallets quickly and easily.