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  • All the tools required to heat shrink pallets
  • Heat guns, roll dispenser and gas cylinder trolley available
  • Choose from the industry leading Ripack gun and our great value Kite Packaging gun
  • Improve the stability of pallet loads. A secure alternative to pallet wrap
  • Ideally suited for use with our pallet shrink covers or our polythene shrink film
  • Film / pallet covers not included


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Kite Packaging Pallet Heat Shrink Gun
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Kite Packaging Pallet Heat Shrink Gun
Our best value heat shrink gun option, supplied with hose, regulator and tools.
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Ripack Pallet shrink gun
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Ripack Pallet Heat Shrink Gun
The industry no1 pallet shrink gun complete with hose, regulator and tools in a heavy duty case.
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Gas cylinder trolley
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Gas Cylinder Trolley
Easily adjustable to suit 47kg, 13kg or 19kg industrial propane gas bottles.
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Mobile Roll Dispenser
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Mobile Roll Dispenser
Complete with 1 spindle and adjustable from 1.2m to 2m in width.
£135.96 Remove 1 unitsAdd 1 units
Spindle Bar For Mobile Roll Dispenser
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Spindle Bar for Roll Dispenser
For adding extra capacity to the roll dispenser above
£67.47 Remove 1 unitsAdd 1 units

About pallet heat shrink systems

A pallet shrink wrap system enables you to improve the stability of pallet loads, securing cartons and boxes to form a safe and secure load. As a heavyweight alternative to standard stretch pallet wrap, pallet shrink wrap allows you to safely secure even the most obscure shaped items to a pallet in preparation for shipping.

Kite Packaging stocks two different types of heat shrink gun suitable for all kinds of warehousing and logistics operations, these apply shrink wrap to a pallet using a heat source, so that items are securely wrapped to a pallet and movement in transit is minimised. Because of the heating element involved safety goggles and gloves are recommended when using the guns, and when you buy from Kite, these are included with the tool. We have tailored our heat shrink offering so that you can purchase all three elements including the gun, gas cylinder trolley and heat shrink wrap roll dispenser in one place – we also stock several types of heat shrink wrap, including pallet covers here.

Pallet shrink guns

Kite Packaging pallet heat shrink gun

Our best value heat shrink gun made in Britain, is a great alternative to the leading system in our industry. The Kite Packaging heat shrink gun offers advanced aerodynamics that ensures even heat distribution over a wide area. As a result, a thinner and less expensive film can be used, ideal when keeping to a tight budget. Ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in to the user’s hand, this allows the gun to be used for extended periods of time, making it the perfect tool for when you have a high volume throughput.

We sell this gun as a full package so that you don’t need to buy the consumable parts and safety equipment separately, a shield forms part of the guns design in order to give extra safety to the user. The gun's ergonomic design allows it to be used comfortably for extended periods of time. Sold as a kit, the system includes the following:

  • 1 Kite Packaging gun
  • 1 set of spanners
  • 8m hose
  • Regulator
  • Oil bottle (inc. oil)

This gun also comes with a 6 month return to base parts warranty, so should you have any problems within this period of time, return the item to us and we will replace the faulty parts free of charge.

Ripack 2200 pallet heat shrink gun

The Ripack gun is the leading system in the heat shrink industry. Made by the leading manufacturer of pallet shrink guns, it is safe, lightweight and easy to use. This pallet shrink gun features a cool nozzle to avoid risk of burning, and a large flame area to enable fast and effective shrinking. Supplied complete with carry case, hose, regulator and tools, it is powered by propane gas.

What makes the Ripack gun leading in our industry is the efficiency of the product, it can provide heat to a large area in a short space of time which not only improves the packing operation but reduces costs in the supply chain. It can be used with various types of film, all which can be purchased via Kite Packaging, as the power can be controlled to suit various film duty’s and materials. The Ripack gun has been designed with ergonomic precision for a comfortable fit, it is lightweight so can be used for long periods of time and has a handy rotation nozzle and swivel connection to prevent hose twisting.

As well as this it is incredibly safe to use, the system comes with a double safety regulator to protect the appliance from overheating and to protect the user. This also helps to reduce maintenance costs, as it will only need replacing due to longevity, not from burning out. Other safety features include an automatic valve on regulator (total gas safety), guard and dead-man device.

12 months return to base manufacturers warranty is included (full details printed in the instruction booklet. The warranty does not include the lighter and hose).

The Ripack system is packed into a heavy duty carry case with the following:

  • 1 RIPACK 2200 heat gun
  • 1 double safety adjustable regulator
  • 8 Metre (26') propane type hose with swivel connector
  • 1 spanner
  • 1 Instruction sheet with guarantee card

A Gas Cylinder Trolley can be purchased separately.

Gas cylinder trolley

Our gas cylinder trolley adds extra convenience to a pallet shrink wrap system. With heavy duty rubber wheels, the gas cylinder trolley is designed to safely carry a propane gas bottle and pallet shrink gun allowing you to transport your pallet shrink wrap tools to your pallets with ease.

This is ideal for larger operations packing high volumes of product, and is easily adjustable so that a variety of gas cylinders can fit the trolley including 47kg, 19 kg and 13kg propane gas bottles.

Pallet shrink roll dispenser

Our high quality pallet shrink wrap is supplied in convenient bag form in a range of sizes to fit all standard pallets. Quick and straightforward to use, the pallet shrink covers are supplied on a perforated roll designed to fit in a pallet shrink roll dispenser. Simply dispense one pallet shrink cover from the shrink roll dispenser, place over the pallet load and heat with a pallet shrink gun to create a safe and secure load.

We also stock spare spindle bars, which allow you to store more rolls to the dispenser.

Video: How to apply a heat shrink pallet cover
Watch how to use our polythene pallet covers and heat shrink gun to protect and secure pallet loads.

Place the polythene pallet cover loosely over the pallet.

Ensure the bottom of the cover is tucked under the pallet.

Use the heat gun to shrink the film around the pallet, starting at the bottom.

Wave the gun over each side over the pallet to shrink all sides. You may need to do this several times.

Apply heat to the gusset flaps and pat down to seal the top.

As the polythene shrinks around the pallet, it will tighten and creases will disappear.

Video: Introducing the Ripack and ProShrink heat guns.
Watch our unboxing of the Ripack and ProShrink heat guns, see what is included in each kit and how to attach to the gas supply.

Our ProShrink heat gun comes in a sturdy carry case with accessories.

Included in the case is a pair of safety gloves, health & safety / user guide, safety goggles, a black pouch containing a mini tool kit, the heat gun itself, a valve adapter and an 8 metre hose.

The Ripack gun also comes in a carry case with accessories.

These include a user guide, spanner and valve adapter, the Ripack gun itself and an 8 metre hose.

To connect the gun to a gas supply, first screw the valve adapter onto the bottle.

Next, connect the hose to the adapter, using the included spanner to tighten.

Then connect the other end of the hose to the gun and tighten.

We also sell a roll dispenser for easy dispensing of polythene shrink film and pallet covers.