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  • Eco-friendly alternative to plastic document wallets
  • 100% recyclable paper
  • Available as either plain or printed with the words “documents enclosed
  • Versatile solution primarily used to protect documentation
  • Designed to be attached to the outside of packages
    Sizes subject to a manufacturing tolerance of +/- 5%

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What is a document wallet?

These wallets are entirely comprised of paper with an opaque back and translucent covering. The top layer is not fully clear like the plastic counterpart but remains convenient and functional by allowing any lettering from the documents inside to be easily read by the carrier and barcodes are able to be scanned. This top layer features a glazed coating that protects the contents from water damage or any other weathering that may occur during transit.

What can these document sleeves be used for?

These paper wallets are intended to be attached to the outside of packages courtesy of the self-adhesive backing. As a result, any delivery documents, invoices or other notes can be plainly displayed to both the carrier and the recipient as needed. A busy dispatch department would rely heavily on these quick and self-explanatory sleeves that can be securely adhered onto cardboard packages or polythene mailing bags for optimal versatility. That said, a business of any size would benefit from the ease and efficiency offered by this effective, environmentally sensitive product. 

What are the environmental qualities of our paper envelopes?

The 100% paper document wallet has been consciously designed to offer a sustainable alternative to plastic document wallets. As such, these sleeves are plastic-free and widely recyclable kerbside for easy, uncomplicated disposal by the end consumer. Gone is the need to meticulously remove plastic wallets from the exterior of a cardboard box before putting the latter out for collection; the whole package can be recycled as one unit, thus enhancing customer satisfaction whilst doing your company’s bit for the planet.  

These wallets are one of the first things a customer sees when receiving their package. For this reason, Kite’s paper document sleeves feature a prominently placed recyclability icon in the bottom left-hand corner above the words “100% paper”. As a result of this detail, your brand is instantly interwoven with concepts of environmental sensitivity and social proactivity. Moreover, the wallets are less likely to be mistakenly thrown in general waste out of habit. Through a recognition of the product’s innovative nature, it has been manufactured with these visible elements at the forefront without distracting from the documents displayed by the wallets.

Video: Paper document wallets demonstration video
How to use paper document wallets to attach paperwork to consignments.

We sell both plain and printed paper document enclosed wallets.

They have a self-adhesive backing that can easily be stuck onto boxes and other parcels. Simply insert your delivery note, invoice or other paperwork into the clear envelope and attach to the consignment.