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Heavy Duty Co-Extruded Mailing Bags

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  • Heavy duty mailing bags made from 90 micron polythene
  • Almost double the thickness of regular polythene mailing bags
  • Made from co-extruded material, using several layers of film for tear-resistance
  • Off-white outer and black inner so bags are 100% opaque
  • Peel and seal self-adhesive strip for fast and easy closure
  • Perfect for heavy or sharp items
  • Use with our range of Multi-Purpose Labels.


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Opening Width x Length
Bags Per Pack Price Per Bag Enter No. Of Bags
250 x 350 mm 1000 5.2p 4.8p 4.2p 3.7p Remove 1000 unitsAdd 1000 units
350 x 405 mm 500 10.5p 9.4p 8.4p 7.1p Remove 500 unitsAdd 500 units
400 x 500 mm 500 14.0p 13.3p 12.4p 10.4p Remove 500 unitsAdd 500 units
425 x 600 mm 300 14.3p 13.5p 12.7p 10.7p Remove 300 unitsAdd 300 units
485 x 870 mm 300 26.0p 23.8p 21.0p 18.6p Remove 300 unitsAdd 300 units
550 x 750 mm 300 28.7p 20.7p 20.6p 19.9p Remove 300 unitsAdd 300 units

About heavy duty mailing bags

Heavy duty mailing bags are highly favoured by businesses looking to send heavy or sharp items through the post. They are also popular in mailing and dispatch industries, when sending bulky items such as catalogues and heavy pieces of literature.

Heavy duty mailing bags tend to be manufactured from much tougher and durable polythene than standard mailing bags; this makes them more tear-resistant.

Kite’s range of heavy duty mailing bags

We stock six sizes of heavy duty mailing bags, all of which comply with Royal Mail’s PiP guidelines so that you can accurately calculate your mailing costs.

All our heavy duty mailing bags are co-extruded, which means several layers of film are extruded together to create a more durable bag.


  • Extra Strong - Made from 90 micron (354 gauge) thick, co-extruded polythene
  • Lightweight – Great alternative to postal boxes
  • Opaque – White outer and black inner ensures these bags are 100% opaque, perfect for confidential items
  • Secure – Strong self-adhesive ‘peel and seal’ strip, on a 40mm lip. Allow the adhesive time to set for maximum performance.

Use these bags along with our range of Multi-Purpose Labels.