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  • Environmentally friendly composition, 100% recyclable and FSC certified
  • Peel-&-seal strip for easy closure
  • Robust and water resistant paper mailing bags
  • Available in strong 1 ply 120gsm and 2 ply 70gsm
  • Popular alternative to polythene mailing bags
  • Please note, our standard paper mailing bags feature a larger self seal strip than pictured that does not compromise quality

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What is a paper mailing bag?

Made from either strong 1 ply 120gsm or 2ply 70gsm paper, these mailing bags are cost-effective and environmentally conscious methods of postal packaging. The 1 ply variety is more tailored toward companies seeking standard protection for lighter goods, while the 2 ply version is suited to more heavy duty protection.

What features does the paper mailing bag have?

Our sustainable mailing bags are all complete with a robust and water resistant exterior to withstand the elements when in transit. The packaging is secured with an easy peel and seal adhesive strip for optimal speed and convenience when packing, in addition to ease of access by the end customer. Packing efficiency is also increased by the block bottom and generous side gussets which allow the bag to sit open on a surface for fuss-free filling. These design features also expand the usable space within the packaging, identifying these bags as a roomy mailing solution likely to be reused on account of its strength and versatility.

What environmental qualities do paper mailers have?

These cost-effective postal bags are an excellent eco-friendly alternative to polythene mailers. They are plastic-free and boast an FSC certification to attest to their sustainable sourcing. Moreover, the recipient can easily recycle the entire product domestically, increasing overall customer satisfaction with their order. Demand is consistently increasing for environmentally conscious packaging. Therefore, championing paper solutions over plastic will grant your business impressive green credentials which will swiftly develop into brand loyalty.

What can paper postal packaging be used for?

Many small to medium sized products can be dependably packaged within one of Kite’s paper mailing bags. Whether your business supplies clothing, retail, homeware, books or toiletries, these generously sized packages allow for convenient, low-cost shipping while providing a tear-resistant exterior. If your product is fragile, it may be best to ensure it is shielded from damage with primary packaging in addition to a paper mailing bag, or select one of our strong cardboard boxes instead.

Every size within this range is also food graded, meaning that pastries, baked goods or other edible items can be safely contained within one of these sustainable mailers. Bakeries or restaurants can load food directly into the bags or use the envelopes as external packaging when shipping products. The water resistant construction prevents leaks from seeping through the packaging for a mess-free takeaway experience. By being available in a range of pack quantities, you can purchase any amount with ease, including benefitting from wholesale discounts for larger orders. This sets you up with the right packing agents for your business’s day to day distribution.