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Paper bags

Bag it with Kite

If you are a retailer who sells wares more suitable to paper bags than plastic (such as sweets or fruit and vegetables), then we've got your bagging needs covered. We not only stock general purpose, gusseted and block bottomed brown paper bags but durable 70gsm Kraft paper bags with handles too (available in brown or white). Perfect for market stalls, groceries and hardware stores, we stock strung paper counter bags in a variety of sizes.

Brown paper bags

A classic in the realms of paper bags - these simple yet effective bags can be used for a variety of produce with their gusseted brown material being comprised of 70gsm Kraft paper for tear resistance and high-quality presentation. They also feature a block bottom which enforces the strength of the bags, ensuring extra support of the contents.

Tape handle paper carrier bags

These retail paper bags are reliable with a sturdy structure and strong handle design. Each is manufactured using high-quality 70gsm Kraft paper and ethically sourced from sustainable forests. These bags are ideal for the retail sector, adding value to the whole shopping experience for consumers.

Strung paper counter bags

These market-esque bags are suitable for a range of stock, including groceries, confectionery and hardware products. With multi-use functionality, the bags prove to be particularly cost-effective for businesses that are looking for a simple yet presentable way of packing their merchandise. As we manufacture them out of white sulphite 33gsm and brown Kraft 37gsm, you have the choice on which type of counter bag you desire.

Paper mailing sacks

Our paper mailing sacks are robust and are water-resistant. These environmentally friendly sacks are constructed from natural wet strength brown paper, impressive strength and reliability are assured. Ideal for a range of applications.

Twist handle paper carrier bags

Twist handle carriers are 100% recyclable strong paper bags available in white or brown. With a range of sizes to choose from, these robust bags are ideal for retail sectors, gift shops, stalls and much more. Switch from plastic today and browse our twist handle paper carrier bags.

These medium to heavy duty styles are also available as specialised bottle bags. This protective packaging safely transports bottles from a shop to home without tearing. Available in brown or white paper, these wine bottle bags provide low-cost gift packaging when partnered with our ranges of tissue paper or shredded paper.