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Weather Mailers

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  • Waterproof bubble lined mailing bags
  • 100% recyclable
  • 85 micron polythene co-extruded outer
  • Lightweight helping keep postage costs to a minimum
  • Easy to be addressed with a ballpoint pen
  • Permanent seal
  • Use with our range of Multi-Purpose Labels.


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180 x 265 mm
White Weather Mailer
100 13.0p 11.7p 10.5p 9.9p 9.5p Remove 100 unitsAdd 100 units
230 x 340 mm
White Weather Mailer
100 19.1p 17.1p 15.4p 14.5p 14.0p Remove 100 unitsAdd 100 units
350 x 470 mm
White Weather Mailer
50 38.4p 34.6p 31.0p 29.2p 28.2p Remove 50 unitsAdd 50 units

At Kite Packaging we have a strong track record for supplying packaging to the mailing industry, offering a wide range of postal solutions. The latest addition to our range is the new waterproof weather mailers. New to the market they offer the best of protective bubble lined mailing pouches combined with the traditional protective qualities of polythene mailers, in one simple solution. They are perfect for sending products through the post and are a perfect cost effective mailing solution. Increasing our range of mailers means we now offer one of the most comprehensive ranges of protective mailing products in the market.

Lined with high quality shock resistant bubble wrap and with a co-extruded waterproof polythene outer, our brand new weather-mailer is ideal for all weathers. The bubble lined inner and the 85 waterproof micron polythene will be sure to protect your products, particularly in poor weather conditions where parcels are exposed to the elements. The strong outer polythene offers perfect weatherproofing protection. White in colour they are ideal for confidential products and are also tamper proof, waterproof, 100% recyclable and astonishingly difficult to tear – being sure to protect your items.

If you frequently send items mail that could be easily damaged in the post, and need extra protection from the un-reliable weather we often experience, user Kites weather-mailers every time.

Use these bags along with our range of Multi-Purpose Labels.

Video: Weather Mailers
Waterproof bubble lined mailing bags

We are going to test Kite's new weather-mailers by placing a mobile phone inside a mailer, sealing it and testing its waterproof outer

Made from co-extruded waterproof polythene, weather-mailers are capable of protecting your products from the elements. They are lined with a shock resistant bubble wrap lining to protect goods during transit and are available in a range of sizes.

The phone is completely dry and works! Kite's weather-mailer is a great, all-in-one postal solution!