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  • Envelope-like mailers manufactured from 100% recycled and recyclable material
  • Two strengths of capacity book mailer available:
    Standard solid board - light to medium duty
    Premium corrugated with micro-flute - medium to heavy duty
  • Equipped with peel-&-seal closure strip and easy open tear strip
  • Scored for increased capacity – up to 40mm

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Capacity book mailers

We stock two different strengths of capacity book mailer: standard solid board and premium corrugated featuring a micro-flute. All of our mailers are gusseted to allow them to act as a small postal box when goods are inserted. Each size also complies with Royal Mail PiP guidelines so you can send your items with a clear idea of postage costs. Other features include a tear strip for easy opening and peel strip for secure closure. See more infos in the table for specification and detailed diagram.

Standard mailers

Our simple yet effective standard capacity book mailers provide light to medium duty envelope-shaped protection for a range of book sizes and other products. Thanks to their 100% recycled and recyclable composition, made from 350gsm solid board, they are the ideal eco-friendly packing solution in which you can send your books, brochures, DVDs and more. Whether it’s a small diary sized book or a large hardback novel, there is a size for all.

Their slim, compact appearance makes them a highly presentable packing agent for businesses widespread. So if you would like to ensure high-quality protection for your books or other similar sized products, choose one of our eco-friendly capacity mailers today.

Premium mailers

Our premium corrugated capacity book mailers are the ideal strong, heavy duty, envelope-shaped protection for a range of different products. They are comprised of 100% recycled and recyclable carton material, making them a useful eco-friendly packing solution in which you can send your products. Each of our premium mailers features a micro F flute, making them puncture-resistant and ensuring a very high level of protection for a range of requirements. Due to this innovative design, they can prevent damage for items such as photos as they have a strong resistance against any bending that may happen in transit.

Their clear-cut, compact appearance makes them presentable packaging for businesses across a range of industries. So if you would like to ensure quality protection for your books, DVDs, photos, or other similar shaped products, choose one of our effective, strong capacity.


Video: Capacity book mailers
How to use our envelope-like book mailers and our range of sizes

Our eco-friendly capacity book mailers are available in a range of sizes. These envelope-style mailers are ideal for books, brochures, DVDs and other products with depth. Simply slip in your item and securely close using the peel-&-seal strip. Each size features an easy open tear strip making it simple for receivers to open the goods.