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  • New range of cardboard wrap-around boxes
  • Ideal for books and other printed material as well as DVDs, BluRays & software
  • All sizes feature a peel and seal strip
  • Sizes 1 to 4 also feature a tear open strip
  • Each size is multiscored, catering for different sizes of books
  • Most meet PiP 'small parcel' criteria when set at their max height
  • Sizes 1 to 4 feature a 'Handle With Care' print on the front flap


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Image Internal Dimensions
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Book Wrap Mailer Size 1 - 217x155x52mm - Pack Of 50
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PP 1
max: 217 x 155 x 52mm
50 23.0p 21.8p 18.4p 17.7p 16.9p Remove 50 unitsAdd 50 units
Book Wrap Mailer Size 2 - 248x165x70mm - Pack Of 50
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PP 2
max: 248 x 165 x 70mm
50 26.6p 25.2p 22.8p 21.9p 19.0p Remove 50 unitsAdd 50 units
Book Wrap Mailer Size 3 - 280x205x70mm - Pack Of 50
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PP 3
max: 280 x 205 x 70mm
50 31.5p 29.8p 26.9p 25.9p 21.0p Remove 50 unitsAdd 50 units
Book Wrap Mailer Size 4 - 310x250x70mm - Pack Of 50
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PP 4
max: 310 x 250 x 70mm
50 40.2p 38.1p 34.4p 33.1p 25.0p Remove 50 unitsAdd 50 units
Book Wrap Mailer Size 5 - 410x320x100mm - Pack Of 25
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PP 5
max: 410 x 320 x 100mm
25 61.8p 58.7p 55.2p 52.0p 49.1p Remove 25 unitsAdd 25 units

Book wrap mailers

Kite Packaging’s latest range of book wrap mailers are incredibly affordable and presentable, ideal for fulfilment and retail operations that specialise in books and other forms of media such as talking books and DVD’s. All our book boxes comply with the Royal Mail PIP guidelines so you can send your items with a clear idea of postage costs. Book wrap mailers are available in a range of sizes which allow for paperbacks, small diaries and large hardbacks – as well as DVD’s, Blu Ray DVD’s, CD’s, Talking Books and much more.

Secure and tamper-proof these book boxes provide an ideal solution for e-commerce businesses operating in the printed media industry, as well as independent publishers. Book wrap mailers add efficiency to a packing operation, with quick and easy to use folding sides and peel and seal strips.

About book wrap mailers

Kite’s wide range of book wrap mailers has been designed so that each and every book size will fit. Our smallest size is ideal for small books such as children’s stories and diaries; our largest size is more suited to large hardbacks or coffee table books. To accommodate various thicknesses all our styles of book boxes are multi-scored so that they can wrap snugly around the chosen item – this provides great protection in transit as books won’t move around and corners will be protected.

The strong peel and seal strip provides excellent security and makes for a faster packing operation. For customer experience a tear around strip is featured which makes removing contents from their packaging a breeze.

Manufactured from corrugated cardboard which provides extra cushioning in transit for books and other media, book wrap mailers are becoming a favourite among e-tailers as a low cost alternative to traditional shipping methods. Durable, presentable and easy to use, it’s not hard to see why book boxes are already widely used by some of the world’s best known brands.

Book Wrap Mailers Feature…

  • High quality material, offering burst resistance and a presentable finish for items
  • Tear open strip right around the package for simple removal of contents and positive customer experience
  • Multi-scored box design to offer variations in height and adapt to different book thicknesses
  • A strong self-seal strip for ease of closure
  • Fully recyclable material

Book wrap sizes shown are the internal dimensions, and are in the order:
Width x Length x Max Height (Adjustable)

Video: Book Wrap Mailers Demonstration Video
How to use our wrap-around book mailers to protect different size books in the post

Our book wrap mailers have a ‘Handle With Care’ print and size information on the front.

Each size is multi-scored to allow different sized books to be packaged.

Simply slide the book under the flaps and wrap the pack around it as shown.

Even the thickest, heaviest books can be protected in this way thanks to the multi-score lines.

Use the peel and seal strip to secure the pack. No taping is required.

A tear strip is provided on most sizes for quick, frustration-free opening.