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  • Corrugated cardboard postal boxes and mailers for DVDs, CDs and LPs
  • Designed to protect media during transit and storage
  • Shipping high quantities of media? Use our inner trays with our outer shipping boxes, to despatch 100+ items as a single package
  • Shipping low quantities of media? Our postal boxes and corrugated mailers are designed to contain 10-25 items
  • Dimensions shown are internal measurements
  • Please note: 415x390x305mm ‘Affix Carrier Label Here – Must be Straight’ is printed on the box

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CD, DVD and LP Packaging

Kite's mailer range is the perfect solution for sellers of CDs, DVDs and LPs - safely post multi-media items in Kite’s specially designed boxes. Whether you are high or low volume seller, our range is ideal for you. Known as particularly fragile items and commonly kept as collectors’ items Kite want to ensure we can support you in protecting your media range during transit and storage.

CD range

Perfect for storing or shipping items in transit our range of CD media packaging gets products from A to B. Our range is versatile as users can purchase as much or as little as they require. Our CD inner trays hold up to 25 CDs and are available open top without flaps or with flaps so that they can be sealed closed with tape.

Our larger double wall box is the ideal solution when needing to store or ship a larger quantity. It holds up to 8 of the open and closed top boxes meaning that you can comfortably fit up to 200 CDs in one box, perfect for transit or storing.

DVD range

Our mailer range also provides the perfect solution to transport and store DVDs.

For larger quantities our closed top inner tray comfortably fits up to 25 DVDs. This easy to use mailing solution works in the same way as a single wall box, however, it is the perfect design for storing or shipping DVDs. Used in conjunction with the single wall outer box for DVDs, users can place a maximum of 4 inner trays into the smaller single wall box or a maximum of 6 inner trays into the larger single wall box, giving users the option to transport 100 or 150 DVDs per single wall outer box.

In addition to this range, the open top inner tray is delivered flat packed and is easily assembled - simply bring the two edges in and tuck over the flaps, to make an open top tray. It comfortably fits in up to 25 DVDs, and again can be used with Kite’s double wall outer box to store or transport 100 or 150 DVDs. Alternatively, it can be used on its own to store DVDs, due to the open top style.

Kite’s single wall outer boxes for DVDs work well with the closed top and open top inner trays for DVDs, but can also be used on their own. The two single boxes available are ideal for different quantities. Whether you need to transport 100 DVDs or 150 DVDs, we have an option available for all requirements.

LP range

Ideal when shipping or storing a lower volume of LPs, Kite’s standard corrugated mailer is the easy-to-assemble solution. Simply place in up to 15 LPs and then fold the smaller flaps inwards followed by the large flaps and seal with tape. This prevents the media from being damaged and broken either during transit or in storage.

The peel-and-seal corrugated mailer has been designed so it is instantly ready for shipment. Holding up to 15 LPs, simply unfold the inner flaps to create a slot to place your LPs and then fold over the top flap and seal. This high-quality solution will ensure all contents arrive exactly how they were sent.

Kite’s easy assemble postal box has also been designed for instant shipment or storage. Simple to assemble this box will protect LPs during transit and will comfortably fit up to 25 LPs. Once all LPs have been placed into the box, simply seal it with tape.

For quantities of 50 and 100, Kite’s double wall LP boxes are the perfect solution. These strong and sturdy, high-quality double wall boxes protect items during transit or whilst in storage. The design is perfectly suited to the size of a standard LP and once the box is full, simply seal with tape.

See our range of Packaging Tape, perfect for sealing and securing your CD, DVD and LP mailers. For brand awareness, choose our Custom Printed Tape.