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  • Protective "eggbox" style foam inserts to ensure items stay firmly in place
  • Made from low density polyurethane foam
  • Helps stabilise and secure your products
  • A range of sizes available to fit a number of standard carton sizes
  • Use one layer at the bottom and one layer at the top of your carton

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Foam box inserts

Kite Packaging stock egg box foam inserts for boxes to fit a range of standard case sizes. Adding a foam lining to your box ensures products remain static in transit, whilst providing a protective cushion. Foam packaging is a reliable way to safely ship fragile goods.

Our foam inserts for cases are quick and easy to use; simply place the foam insert into your carton, add your goods then top with a second insert and your box is ready to be sealed.

Unlike many other UK packaging suppliers, we will supply your foam box inserts without the boxes so you are free to package goods as required.

"Eggbox" foam

This protective polyurethane profile foam is often referred to as "Eggbox" foam. The foam comes in sheets and can be used as inserts for boxes or just as sheets on their own. They are ideal where an item needs to be held firmly and securely in place.

Please note:
Although our foam sheets have a wide variety of uses they are NOT suitable for furniture applications as the material is NOT fire retardant.

How to measure the height of foam:

How To Measure Foam Lining