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  • Cardboard postal boxes with white inner and outer
  • Highly presentable & quick to assemble
  • Branding appears on the inside flaps of each box - not visible when constructed
  • High quality corrugated boxes, perfect where presentation matters
  • We offer 3 styles: tuck-in flap, peel-&-seal and folder wrap
  • Some sizes meet Royal Mail PiP 'large letter' / 'small parcel' criteria, see our postal guide

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White postal boxes

Our extensive range of white postal and white shipping boxes includes white cardboard cartons in two different styles. White cardboard postal boxes are perfect for companies that are looking for a more presentable postage solution than mailing bags or brown cardboard mailers.

Our white cardboard boxes are manufactured from single wall cardboard with a high-quality white outer to make packages stand out. For many businesses, it’s important that your products are not just well packaged, but that the packaging itself is representative of the quality of your products. Our white boxes are perfect for making the right impression on your customers. Here at Kite, we would always advise customers ordering any of our white postal boxes to secure them with clear, good quality packaging tape or, even better, use a custom printed tape adorned with your own logo. While this approach not only promotes your brand, the combination of packaging products will be low cost but will add value to your shipped goods improving the overall experience for your customers.

The styles of box we offer in our range have a huge variety of uses and have proved to be the ideal packaging for ecommerce, mailing and fulfilment companies. They are frequently used as gift boxes and for posting and distributing pharmaceutical products, distributing products such as cosmetics and clothing, storing ornaments, and for packaging promotional products. For more posting and packaging solutions, see our similar range of brown postal boxes and white cardboard boxes.

Types of white postal boxes

All the white packaging boxes in this range are delivered flat-packed, minimising the amount of space required to store them and making them easier to handle. We offer two different styles of carton allowing you to choose the box that best suits your particular product.

Hinged lid, with tuck-in-flaps

The majority of our white postal boxes are manufactured in the FEFCO ‘0427’ style of box. This style is a one-piece carton that is quickly and easily assembled. Once assembled these boxes have a fold down hinged lid, with tuck-in-flaps, locking the lid down into place. For ‘pick & pack’ and fulfilment operations, the hinged lid style box means a more efficient packing process giving you the opportunity to despatch a greater number of items per day compared with more traditional styles of cardboard box.


These white postal boxes are quick and easy to construct. Simply fold in the flaps with the branding on the inside of the box (not visible to the end customer when complete), fold over the front and finally peel the strip and stick to secure. These boxes also feature a tear open strip for easy access to goods once received. All 3 sizes adhere to Royal Mail’s PiP guidelines as a Large Letter. All of our peel-&-seal white postal boxes are very quick, efficient and easy to use.

Folder wrap box with peel and seal strip

Manufactured as a modified FEFCO ‘0401’ style box our full wrap white boxes are suited for flat items such as pictures, frames, documents, drawings etc. The box is one-piece and acts as a highly protective, corrugated wrap for your items. Made with an adhesive peel and seal strip, for a secure closure, our full wrap boxes are very quick, efficient and easy to use.

Pricing in proportion sizes

All of our white boxes can be identified using Royal Mail’s Pricing In Proportion index. Take a look at the pricing table size descriptions to see which category your box falls into. Our list of sizes includes white postal boxes that fall into the postage classes of ‘large letter’, ‘small parcel’, ‘medium parcel‘ and ‘large parcel’.

Use our PiP Postal Guide to find out more information about Royal Mail sizes and postage costs.

Information, guides and videos

As with all of our product pages, our white storage box page offers a wealth of information to help you answer the questions relevant to our products and your business. The ‘more info’ button on each product line in the table, provides a detailed range of technical specification information. It includes:

  • Box dimensions (internal and external)
  • Unit weight of each box
  • FEFCO style with supporting technical drawing
  • Board grade and flute information for each box
  • Relevant PiP reference

We also have more detailed PiP information on all of our white cardboard boxes to help you select the right box for you as well as product demonstration videos to guide you on how to assemble the boxes.

Video: How to assemble our white hinged postal boxes
Instructions on how to assemble our white postal boxes.

All of our postal boxes are delivered flat packed. Branding appears on the side flaps of each box, not visible when constructed.

Postal boxes with tuck-in flaps can easily be assembled as shown. This style of box has flaps that tuck into the sides for secure closure.

A range of sizes to choose from, to suit different requirements.