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  • The original padded bag, from the trusted brand Jiffy
  • Made from high quality 90gsm kraft paper for excellent puncture resistance
  • Filled with macerated paper to trap air and provide cushioning for items in transit
  • Double-glued bottom flap & four-fold corners for long-lasting protection and security
  • Peel-&-seal strip for easy and efficient closure (size 8 envelopes do not have peel-&-seal strip)
  • Subject to a manufacturing tolerance of +/-6mm on width and +/-8mm on length
  • Please note: Colour may be lighter than images, exact same qualities remain

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Jiffy padded bags

Trust the original padded bag from Jiffy® to protect your posted goods whilst in transit.

These high quality, 90gsm Kraft macerated paper envelopes are innovatively designed to trap air, to provide effective cushioning for items placed within. Puncture and tear resistant, these envelopes also feature double-glued bottom flaps and four-fold corners to ensure maximum durability and damage-free goods. Manufactured from paper, they are compostable and are made from approx 65% recycled paper.

Jiffy®’s padded bags are available in a wide range of sizes and are ideal for posting heavy and/or bulky letter sized and larger goods. Secure with peel-&-seal strip (size 8 envelopes do not have peel-&-seal strip).

Video: Jiffy padded bags demonstration Video
Examining what Jiffy padded bags are made from, and what they can be used for

Known as the original Jiffy bag, our paper filled bags are available in a range of sizes from 00 to 8

They are a heavy duty alternative to Airkraft and Mailmiser envelopes, and noticeably thicker in appearance

Before inserting your product, rub the bag to maximise the padding by spreading out the paper fibres to trap air

As you can see, the padding is comprised of macerated paper rather than bubble. This makes it puncture resistant, ideal for sharp or heavy items