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  • Made from 85% recycled material and sustainably sourced paper
  • Recyclable, biodegradable and plastic-free
  • Available in three sizes: Lite, Mid and XL
  • Offers ultimate protection to high value items such as TV screens or furniture
  • Significantly reduces packing times compared to using bubble wrap
  • For bottle packaging, try our Flexi-Hex Bottle Sleeves
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    What is a large Flexi-Hex sleeve?

    The large paper sleeves comprised of honeycomb shaped cells are a bigger version of our Flexi-Hex bottle sleeves. While the latter product is tailored toward packaging bottles, this larger iteration caters toward considerably bigger objects while granting all the technical and environmental qualities which make the small sleeve so successful.

    The sleeves arrive in a compact configuration that makes the packaging eco-friendly to transport and space-efficient within a warehouse. The hexagonal cells expand to impressive widths, allowing them to easily slide over products to grant full coverage and protection. 

    What can be packaged with expandable paper sleeves?

    Kite’s large Flexi-Hex sleeves satisfy the demand for an environmentally friendly way of packaging very large and damageable objects. These can include popular household items such as mirrors, frames, blinds, furniture and large screens including TVs and computers. Even slight dents can drastically damage the value of such products, making premium packaging solutions such as these honeycomb sleeves essential.

    Delicate parts such as bike wheels or other engineering items would similarly benefit from this professional packaging. The flexible nature of the hexagonal structure bends around even awkward or irregularly shaped objects. As a result, considerable packing time can be saved when compared to using bubble wrap, for example, which would have to be wound around each protruding element individually. 

    Why use Flexi-Hex sleeving?

    Aside from the practical advantages of this innovative design, one of the other great appeals is its impressive green credentials. Both the start and end of the packaging’s life is steeped with environmental care. 

    The manufacture is eco-friendly with 85% of the sleeves being made from recycled paper pulp while the rest is sustainably sourced. After use, the entire product can be recycled kerbside or reused due to the strength of the structure. The kraft shade communicates these environmental aspects clearly to a customer, building a positive first impression of your brand. To build on these positive associations, the intricate honeycomb design is aesthetically appealing and visually striking.

    Therefore, these large paper sleeves are excellent for businesses sourcing eco-friendly packaging for sizeable, breakable goods. The hexagonal structure boasts extreme strength paired with flexibility to grant reliable shock absorption and hence, protection during transit, to even unusual shapes.

    What sizes of Flexi-Hex sleeves are available?

    From this larger range of honeycomb sleeves, Kite offer three sizes: “Lite” which expands to 600mm wide, “Mid” which expands to 800mm wide and “XL” which expands to 1100mm wide. These different sizes also increase in thickness to account for the extra weight of bigger products.