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  • Standard and reinforced paper-based solution
  • NEW: WHITE kraft tape now available, please see in product table below
  • Self-adhesive paper tape - no water needed for activation, forms a strong, long lasting, highly adhesive bond
  • Our standard paper kraft tape (except 25mm and reinforced) can be used with our tape dispensers, see page for more info
  • Strong resistance to moisture and humidity
  • Sticks to all carton surfaces and is 100% recyclable (except reinforced)
  • Please note: our hotmelt paper kraft tape does not stick to itself, not ideal for layering
  • Also available: paper kraft tape with FRAGILE print

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Framing tape

Solvent kraft paper tape - Kite branded core

What is solvent-based kraft paper tape?

One of the key differences between acrylic kraft paper tape and solvent-based self-adhesive paper kraft packaging tape is that solvent sticks to itself, making it ideal for a range of applications. It also performs better at extreme temperatures. Similar to acrylic tape, this is a great enviro-friendly alternative to plastic tape. It is favoured by those who are looking for strong tape to secure their goods, all the while with the environment in mind.

Where is it often used?

It offers long-lasting adhesion and requires minimal pressure when applied. Easily torn by hand, our brown paper solvent tape is available in 25mm, 38mm and 48mm. Solvent brown paper tape is widely used in the craft and framing industry as picture framers apply it to the back of frames as part of the border/framing process – this is where the tape sticking to itself comes in handy. For this reason, this kraft tape is often referred to as ‘framing tape’ or ‘framers tape”. 100% recyclable.

We also offer a white solvent paper tape in 48mm, this is perfect for use in conjunction with our comprehensive range of white postal boxes and white 0201 standard cartons.

Reinforced Tape

What is reinforced tape?

Our standard reinforced paper tape is comprised of cross weave glass filaments, therefore, making it extremely strong and difficult to tear and ideal for a range of applications. It is a particularly useful option for users who require a strong reinforced tape that offers an environmentally-friendly solution as well as also being self-adhesive. Standard is available as a 50m roll.

Where is it often used?

Our durable hotmelt based adhesive paper Kraft tape offers effective adhesion that keeps boxes sealed, whilst its fibre reinforced construction and tear resistance makes it ideal for businesses where security is of the highest importance. With its instant adhesion and tamper-evident qualities, this reinforced brown paper tape is perfect for heavy or bulkier items to make sure goods get to their destination without being torn and tampered with. This tape is 265mu.

Fragile paper tape

An environmental alternative to our polypropylene and PVC warning printed tapes, our paper printed stand out ‘FRAGILE’ tape offers the exact same benefits as our polypropylene range, however, on paper kraft, making it a more economical solution. Suited to a wide range of uses this tape is ideal for a host of applications and will ensure that the handler is aware of any packages that need to be handled with caution, by simply placing on the outer packaging.

Due to its solvent adhesive, this tape offers long-lasting adhesion and requires minimal pressure when applied and sticks to itself, making it durable and long-lasting. This 56gsm tape can be easily torn by hand, it is an easy, cost-effective way to get an important message across. With instant adhesion, no water is required.

All of our kraft paper tapes are acid-free, 100% vegan friendly.

Video: Our paper kraft tape
See how we use standard and reinforced paper kraft tape

We sell two types of paper kraft tape, standard which can be used for a wide range of applications where sealing is required and reinforced, which has cross weave glass filaments offering that extra bit of security as it is extremely difficult to tear. Standard kraft paper tape comes with a solvent adhesive, solvent sticks to itself and works better in extreme temperatures. Both can be torn by hand and have a strong stick to cartons. Standard kraft paper tape is the ideal low-cost solution for many industries, including retail, framing, warehousing and fulfilment companies. Reinforced kraft paper tape is made with extra strong cross weave glass filaments, meaning it can be extremely difficult to tamper with, offering that extra bit of security when required. Once applied, the tape creates a strong bond that is difficult to tear off. This makes it ideal when shipping high value or sensitive goods.

Video: Our fragile paper kraft tape
See our fragile printed paper tape and how it can be used

Our fragile paper kraft tape is the ideal environmentally friendly alternative to standard printed warning tapes. It alerts handlers of vunerable goods inside a parcel or carton thanks to its red printed text. This tape can be used with a tape dispenser or by hand as it can be easily torn. Make the switch to paper kraft tape today.