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Self Adhesive Paper Kraft Tape

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  • No water needed for activation.
  • Forms a strong, long lasting, highly adhesive bond.
  • Strong resistance to moisture and humidity.
  • Sticks to all carton surfaces and is 100% recyclable.
  • All of our sizes are acid free


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Width x Length Adhesive Price Per Roll Enter No. Of Rolls
50mm x 50m Acrylic 85.0p 82.0p 74.0p 72.0p 69.0p Remove 1 unitsAdd 1 units
75mm x 50m Acrylic £1.38 £1.32 £1.23 £1.19 £1.16 Remove 1 unitsAdd 1 units
50mm x 50m Hotmelt £1.48 £1.41 £1.33 £1.27 £1.24 Remove 1 unitsAdd 1 units

Acrylic Kraft Paper Tape - Kite Branded Core

Kite Packaging’s self adhesive Kraft paper tape is a popular alternative to gummed paper tape as it requires no water, giving you an instant long lasting natural acrylic adhesive, which sticks to all carton surfaces. Kraft paper tape can easily be torn by hand and is available in 50mm and 75mm. It has high elasticity; very high tear resistance once applied and is used for sealing boxes, envelopes and a range of other various products.

Kraft paper tape has a high heat and cold tolerance, so can be used when exporting goods abroad to hot or humid places, as well as storing goods in deep freeze conditions.

Due to its environmental and performance benefits it is often a preferred sealing option for many fulfilment operations and also creates a uniform looking packaging that is incredible difficult to tamper with.

Because the material is pliable with a very strong adhesive property it is ideal for applying to uneven surfaces.

Hotmelt Kraft Paper Tape - Plain Core

Our durable hotmelt based adhesive paper Kraft tape is perfect for general application, specifically applications where users require the tape to stick to itself. It offers long lasting adhesion and requires minimal pressure when applied.

Hotmelt Kraft tape is widely used in the craft and framing industry. Picture framers apply it to the back of frames as part of the border / framing process. For this reason hotmelt Kraft tape is often referred to as ‘framing tape’ or ‘framers tape.

All of our Kraft paper tapes are acid free.