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  • Telescopic cardboard boxes designed for best fit around products
  • Designed to pack flat items such as paintings, photographs and other artwork
  • Made from strong double wall cardboard
  • Kraft paper outer for puncture and tear resistance
  • Sliding lid means the height of the box is adjustable to fit a number of picture sizes

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Picture frame boxes

The unique design of the telescopic cardboard box makes them quick and easy to use and allows the boxes for frames to be adjusted to the height of your product, which also adds extra strength due to the overlap.

These large artwork shipping boxes are delivered flat-packed and designed specifically for flat items. The picture frame boxes are 100% recyclable and made from a strong double wall corrugated board with a Kraft outer paper to ensure maximum strength and protection. Once the item is inside, these large telescopic boxes can then be taped or strapped to ensure it stays closed in transit and is received in good condition.

Picture frame boxes are suitable to use as storage boxes for paintings, TV’s, mirrors and much more, to safeguard against dust and accidental damage. If you are looking for protective packaging for the safe shipping of your valuable artwork, we recommend using foam corners and edge protectors within the picture boxes for superior protection. Click here to see our full range. These picture boxes for shipping are available in 3 popular sizes.

Commonly used as protective packaging for:

  • Pictures
  • Artwork
  • Paintings
  • TV’s
  • Mirrors
  • Framed prints etc
Video: Picture frame boxes demonstration video
Discover how our telescopic picture frame boxes can be used to pack delicate flat items

Our picture frame boxes are comprised of 2 open ended boxes that slide together.

They are ideal for protecting paintings, mirrors, canvases and other large, flat items.

Assemble each piece by taping the end flaps.

Insert your item, then slide the 2 parts together so they overlap.

The boxes are made from double wall cardboard, which provides extra strong protection.

Due to the telescopic nature of these boxes, the height is adjustable.