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  • Reels of bale strapping, also known as balestrap or baling strap
  • Strong, safe alternative to baling wire
  • Secure and lightweight
  • Ideal for heavy loads, awkward loads and compacting bales
  • Very high capacity to absorb shocks during transport
  • Coil fits most popular makes of compactors / balers.


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Width x Length Breaking Strain Reels Per Pack Price Per Reel Enter No. Of Reels
9mm x 500m 280kg 4 £12.06 £11.12 £10.51 £9.81 Remove 4 unitsAdd 4 units
13mm x 500m 380kg 4 £17.58 £14.73 £13.46 £12.29 Remove 4 unitsAdd 4 units

When transporting heavy loads the correct equipment is essential to ensure they are secure, as if not done correctly, this can have a catastrophic outcome, for not only the business but also the safety of others. Purchasing strapping that won’t let you down is essential, so you can secure every load with confidence.

Also known as bailing tape or bale press strap, our range of bale strapping is the ideal solution when compacting bales or awkward loads. It is a strong safe material that is simply hand tied or used in a bailer or waste compactor. Bale strapping does not tear or fray and can be used in conjunction with heavy duty steel buckles and a basic tensioning tool. Possible to re tension.

The diameter of each core measures 62 mm.