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  • All the equipment you need to apply corded polyester strapping to your goods
  • Secure loads of all shapes and sizes
  • This kit suits many requirements with essential tools included
  • Corded strapping reel for heavy duty applications
  • Tensioning Tool, buckles and portable stand included


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Corded Polyester Strapping Kit Corded Polyester Strapping Kit
  • 19mm Corded Strapping Reel
  • Portable Stand
  • 6 - 19mm Tensioning Tool
  • 1,000 19mm Steel Buckles (Galvanised)
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Strapping (often referred to as bundling and banding) ensures loads are stable and secure during transit and is commonly used in a range of industries such as fulfilment, logistics, distribution, building and construction.

Kite offer a corded polyester strapping kit that come with the products you need to safely secure loads. This kit includes:

  • 19mm Corded Strapping Reel – The ideal solution for heavy duty applications and a lighter, more user friendly alternative to steel strapping. This high quality, high strength corded strapping secures products of all shapes and sizes. Made up of polyester filaments that are glued together, this strapping is extremely durable and has a high breaking strain.

  • 6-19mm Tensioning Tool – Use to obtain maximum strength on Kite’s corded strapping. Simply slip the strapping through the first bolt, continue to feed through the second and then over the third and begin to tighten.

  • 19mm Steel Buckles (Galvanised) – Easy to apply with no tools required, these galvanised steel buckles for use with corded strapping will apply a strong seal. This kit contains 1,000 buckles.

  • Stand – For ease of application, the stand holds the reel in place allowing users to simply wind of the amount they require. Suitable for cores of 76mm, this dispenser prevents strapping from becoming knotted or unravelling and features a practical plastic basket. It also features a carry handle for effortless moving around the workspace.