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  • All the equipment you need to apply polyester strapping to your goods
  • Viable alternative to steel strapping for heavy duty use
  • Polyester strapping used in brick, lumber and textile industries due to excellent tension properties
  • Tensioning tool, seals and sealing tool ensure your strapping is secure
  • Efficiently transport strapping with the mobile trolley


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Polyester Strapping Kit Polyester Strapping Kit
  • 16mm Polyester Strapping Reel
  • Mobile Strapping Trolley
  • 12 - 19mm Tensioning Tool
  • 16mm Sealing Tool
  • 1,000 16mm Serrated Metal Seals
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Strapping (often referred to as bundling or banding) is a popular form of securing products, particularly for handling and transportation in the fulfilment, logistics, distribution and building and construction industries. The Polyester strapping kit from Kite Packaging supplies companies with everything they need in one single package.

Products included in the kit include:

  • 16mm Polyester Strapping Reel – A viable alternative to steel strapping, polyester is ideal for heavy duty use. Commonly used in brick, lumber and textile industries it ensures products remain tight on loads that settle, shrink and expand.

  • 12 – 19mm Tensioning Tool – Obtain maximum tension on strapping around a wide range of products and improve stability on loads. Simply feed the strapping through and push the handle down to tension.

  • 16mm Serrated Seals and Sealing Tool – Offering a stronger seal, our seals are applied once the tensioner is at the required level. Simply place the serrated seal onto the strapping and crimp in place with the sealer tool, ensuring a tight seal for adequate strap tension. This kit includes 1,000 seals.

  • Mobile Strapping Trolley – Efficiently move strapping around warehouse operations with the use of a mobile strapping trolley. Due to the heavy loads users are often strapping, it is easier to take your strapping to the product than the other way round.