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  • All the equipment you need to apply polypropylene strapping to your goods
  • Each kit includes a reel of strapping, a large box of metal seals and the required tools to tension and seal them in place
  • Choose from economical kits with separate tensioner & sealing tools, or save time by buying a kit with a single combination tool that does both jobs in one
  • Dispenser stands hold the strapping in place while you package your goods. Dispenser trolleys allow you to relocate around your picking area or warehouse

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Polypropylene strapping kits

Strapping (often referred to as bundling or banding) is most commonly used within the packaging, fulfilment, logistics, and distribution, building and construction industries. Being such a versatile form of securing products, particularly for handling and transportation – strapping products are a common sight in many warehouse environments. Strapping packages and items for dispatch or storage is important to ensure that they are secure and stacked stably, especially if they are large, bulky or heavy and are being shipped by road, sea or air.

Why purchase all of the items required for your business’s strapping processes separately when you can get everything you need in one single package? We offer four different cost-effective and ready-to-go polypropylene strapping kits for your convenience. We supply both standard and heavy duty strapping kit options, including a range of hand operated tools for tensioning and sealing as well as dispenser and trolley units to provide added efficiency for the operator.

Depending on the kit selected, you will find several items from the following list inside: a tensioner, sealer tool, combination tool, a large reel of strapping, a dispenser stand, seals and/or a mobile strapping trolley.

If for any reason you do wish to buy any strapping component separately (or you’re looking to purchase a strapping machine or friction welder), please refer to our related product box on the main product page. If you are not sure which kit is most suitable to your operation’s requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us – we’re always happy to answer customer queries.

Video: Strapping kits demonstration video
Introducing our strapping kits and showing how to apply strapping.

We sell 4 different multi-part strapping kits.

Our trolley strapping kit includes 2 packs of seals and a roll of strapping on a handy trolley, as well as tensioning and sealing tools.

Our dispenser strapping kit consists of 2 packs of seals, a roll of strapping on a reel, a tensioner tool and sealing tool.

To strap a pallet box, feed one end of the strapping through the back of the tensioning tool as shown and wrap the rest around the box so it overlaps on top.

Feed the other end of the strapping through the slot on the tensioner.

Push down on the lever repeatedly to pull the strapping tight.

Apply a metal seal and use the sealer to fix it in place.

Push down hard on the tensioner lever to cut off the excess strapping, and pull away.