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  • Desktop and bench clamp tape dispensers for home, office or warehouse use
  • Assists in increasing efficiency when taping
  • The sharp edge/blades makes cutting tape quick and easy
  • Standard and premium desktop tape dispensers available
  • Self-cutting dispenser gives added ease with pre-cut lengths of tape
  • Bench clamp dispenser can be clamped and secured to almost any surface

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Bench and desktop tape dispensers

The perfect addition to any office, our range of desktop dispensers make cutting tape safe and easy. Both considerable weights to ensure that they are stable during the process, they make taping efficient and easy.

Standard desktop dispenser

Our standard tape dispenser for 25mm tape includes a non-slip weighted base with rubber pads to ensure it protects the user’s desk surface. Extremely simple to use, simply remove the core, insert the tape and place back into position in the centre of the tape dispenser. Upon unravelling the tape, place it over the sharp edge/blade and cut to a required length. This tape dispenser can be used with 25mm wide tape and two core sizes of 25mm and 75mm. To use with 25mm core tape remove the centre core (mini triangle), place the tape over it and continue to use as you would with a 75mm core tape. Commonly used within homes and offices, this tape dispenser is a great solution.

Premium desktop dispenser

Our premium tape dispenser for 25mm tape (75mm core) is produced from a non-slip weighty metal base to ensure that it is stable when in use. Added benefits of this desktop dispenser is that not only does it have an extra wide blade to improve tape end aligning time, adding to the ease of tearing, it also comes with a safety blade cover protecting against any injuries whilst the device is not in use. This premium tape dispenser is the perfect solution for home and office use.

Self-cutting desktop dispenser

Our self-cutting tape dispenser can be paired with any of our 25mm tape rolls. This measurement is the standard size for most desktop styles, making this device a versatile solution for many purposes. These tape applicators are ideal for businesses packaging small items that require minimal amounts of adhesive. The hidden blade within the mechanism cuts the tape into small, convenient pieces sized at 1.4 inches whilst the unique windmill design holds the tape in place ready for you to remove and use where needed. The tape cutter is manually operated: when you turn the outer wheel by hand, the roll of tape begins to turn and releases the ready cut pieces onto the rotary system. This manual dispenser is easy to use, not requiring any training or technical expertise compared to automatic machines that would warrant special programming. By being relatively compact and lightweight, this tape holder is very mobile and hence suitable for desktop use and movement between workstations within a pick and pack operation. The 3-in-1 solution features slots at the side suitable for storing pens, scissors or any other stationary required at a work bench for added convenience. *Note* - Colour of dispenser may differ.

Bench clamp dispenser

This heavy-duty tape dispenser is suitable for a wide range of industries, due to its ability to be clamped to almost any surface. Commonly used in packing warehouses and by architects and artists the functional tape dispenser is supplied with a sturdy C clamp that enables it to be clamped from both the left and right, able to secure it in even the most awkward of locations. Constructed of metal and high impact plastic, this heavy-duty clamp tape dispenser can be used with either 1 roll of 48mm tape or two rolls of 25mm tape (75mm cores) giving the option to be used by two users or different types or colour of tape. This dispenser consists of an extra wide sharp blade to reduce tape end aligning and a safety blade cover to protect against any injuries whilst the dispenser is not in use.

Video: Desktop tape dispensers
A demonstration on how to use our desktop tape dispensers

We stock both a standard and premium version desktop tape dispenser. Our standard dispenser is simple and easy to use, using the yellow inner, insert tape and slot into the holder. The dispenser is ready to be used by pulling a desired length and tearing off with the built-in blade. Our premium version boasts a robust, metal design for long term usage. Like before, simply insert the tape onto the inner and place into the holder. Pull and tear the desired length. Our premium dispensers features a blade safety cover, eliminating the possibility of any injury that may occur when the dispenser is not in use.

Video: Bench and desktop tape dispensers
Watch how to set-up and use our bench clamp dispenser

Our bench clamp dispenser is supplied with a c-clamp, making it easy to attach to a surface such as packing stations. Simply insert the clamp into any hole on the side of the dispenser and secure. Our bench dispenser can take two 25mm tapes or one 48mm plastic tape. Insert the tape onto the dispenser, pull and tear to a desire length. The design features a blade safety cover, eliminating the possibility of any injury that may occur when the dispenser is not in use.

Video: Self-cutting tape dispensers
Watch how to set-up and use our self-cutting tape dispenser

Our self-cutting tape dispenser is simple to set-up and use. It is contemptible with both our plastic and paper 25mm tapes. Simply turn the cog on the side of the dispenser and the mechanism wil cut and conveniently dispense ready for application.