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25mm (1 inch) Packaging Tape

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  • Rolls of general purpose tape, 25mm (1 inch) wide
  • Typically used in the home or office, for light-duty sealing requirements
  • Clear, polypropylene tape using a hotmelt adhesive
  • Can be used with a bench clamp dispenser for quick and easy access to tape
  • Also popular in the craft and education sector


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Standard 25mm / 1 Inch
Packaging Tape
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25mm x 66m Hotmelt
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About 25mm Packaging Tape

Occasionally called '1 inch tape', 25mm clear tape is typically seen in homes, schools and offices and is a general purpose tape for domestic use. It is favoured by the craft industry due to the narrow width, which looks more elegant on gifts and projects, as well as school and universities who use it for light-duty sealing such as securing posters, and using in class for art projects.

Kite's 25mm Packaging Tape

Our 25mm tape can be used with a bench clamp dispenser, and has a hotmelt adhesive that maintains its grab even in colder environments.

66m Hotmelt Tape (Vibac)

  • Carrier – Polypropylene (for use with a dispenser)
  • Adhesive – Hotmelt (operating temperature +5°C to +50°C)
  • Core Size – 76mm
  • Colour – Clear
  • Key Benefit – Narrow tape is perfect for more delicate sealing requirements such as gift wrapping and craft projects