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  • Water resistant, highly adhesive and leaves no residue
  • Bonds to virtually any surface
  • Also known as "gaffer tape", "gaffa tape" or "cloth tape"
  • Durable - made from 170 micron material
  • Tears easily without curling
  • Available in black and silver
  • 48mm x 50m sizes contain 30% recycled content

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What is duct tape?

Our duct tape is a heavy duty, water-resistant, cotton cloth tape for interior and exterior use. It is durable, tear-resistant and the long-lasting rubber-based adhesive ensures the tape bonds to virtually any surface. The popularity of this tape is such that it is known by a range of different names and is regularly referred to as duct tape, gaffa tape, gaffer tape, jungle tape, cloth tape and waterproof cloth tape.

What are the origins of duct tape?

Duck Tape, as it was originally known, alluded to the product’s water resistant qualities. The thinking was that water, like off a duck’s back, would be repelled by the tape. The product gained traction when Johnson & Johnson’s Permacel division during WWII needed a waterproof tape that would keep moisture out of ammunition cases. Since then, Duct Tape has been a popular and useful resource for those considering home restoration amongst a range of other applications.

What can duct tape be used for?

The outstanding durability and water repellent qualities which make the tape weather resistant equip this packaging for both indoor and outdoor use. The strength makes it an all-round solution for temporary repairs and quick fixes due to its ability to hold, seam, seal and bundle. Truly dependable adhesion is granted for securing even very heavy items. The versatile and durable nature of the tape makes it a useful tool in commercial packaging as well as domestic, garage and garden projects. Duct tape is the product of choice across a wide range of industries.

Why choose Kite's duct tape?

At Kite, we pride ourselves on supplying high quality products as we understand our customers need reliability and consistency from the packaging materials they buy. We ensure product quality in our strong adhesive tape. We have put considerable time and resource into stocking the right specification of duct tape, to ensure we can supply the right product across a wide range of industries. In a market where many people supply “economy” grades at high prices we offer a premium quality product at the lowest prices.

Rolls are available in black or grey colouring and can be branded or non-branded. This duct tape is 170 micron thick, 48mm x 50mtrs on a 76mm core.