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  • Water resistant, highly adhesive and leaves no residue
  • Bonds to virtually any surface
  • Also known as "gaffer tape", "gaffa tape" or "cloth tape"
  • Durable - made from 170 micron material
  • Tears easily without curling
  • Available in black and silver

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Duct tape

Our duct tape is a heavy duty, water-resistant, cotton cloth tape for interior and exterior use. It is durable and tear-resistant and will bond to virtually any surface. This tape is ideal for indoor and outdoor applications thanks to its strong waterproof specification. Kite's duct tape is the all-round solution for temporary repairs and quick fixes due to its ability to hold, seam, seal and bundle. The popularity of this tape is such that it is known by a range of different names and is regularly referred to as duct tape, gaffa tape, gaffer tape, jungle tape, cloth tape and waterproof cloth tape. This duct tape is 170 micron thick, 48mm x 50mtrs on a 76mm core.

Originally invented by Johnson & Johnson’s Permacel division during WWII, as the military specifically needed a waterproof tape that would keep moisture out of ammunition cases, it is still used today for home, garage and garden use and is the product of choice across a wide range of industries.

Duct tape is also known as gaffer tape, gaffa tape and cloth tape.

At Kite we pride ourselves on supplying high quality products, as we understand our customers need reliability and consistency from the packaging materials they buy. We have put considerable time and resource into stocking the right specification of duct tape, to ensure we can supply the right product across a wide range of industries. In a market where many people supply “economy” grades at high prices we offer a premium quality product at the lowest prices.

Rolls can be branded or non-branded.