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Cross Weave Tape

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  • High strength and high tack strapping tape with high tear resistance
  • Made with reinforced glass fibres to give extra tensile strength
  • For heavy duty and high security sealing, ideal for heavy pallet loads
  • Can be used to bundle odd-shaped materials and for shipping cartons
  • Supplied on 50 metre rolls with up to two widths


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25mm x 50m 6 £1.63 £1.49 £1.41 £1.35 £1.30 Remove 6 unitsAdd 6 units
50mm x 50m 6 £3.42 £3.14 £3.01 £2.89 £2.79 Remove 6 unitsAdd 6 units
75mm x 50m 6 £5.35 £4.93 £4.58 £4.35 £4.19 Remove 6 unitsAdd 6 units

Cross weave tapes are extremely strong, durable packing tapes that can be used as an alternative to polypropylene strapping. With the ability to adhere to all paper and cardboard surfaces with an incredibly long lasting grip, these filament tapes are commonly used for high security sealing.

Often supplied along with other packing materials for moving, cross weave tape may be used as strapping tape for shipping boxes, or to bind irregular-shaped materials together.

As part of our comprehensive range of wholesale packaging supplies, we stock a selection of tear resistant cross weave tapes to suit your needs.

Cross Weave Filament Tape

Extra heavy duty reinforced adhesive tape with two-directional (cross weave) fibreglass filaments running across the tape. Exceptional tear resistance. Excellent where extra strength is required. Also known as X-weave tape.

Video: Crossweave Tape Demonstration Video
A visual explanation of cross-weave tape and demonstration of its use.

Cross-weave tape has fibres running in 2 directions, providing additional strength across both the width and length of the tape. This is available in both 50mm and 75mm wide rolls.

Reinforced tape is very strong and resists stretching.

It can be used for sealing heavy duty boxes as well as bundling items.

This type of tape is very difficult to tear.