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Anti-Static Open Top Bags

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  • Low cost, open top pink antistatic bags
  • For use in a static controlled environment to protect products from static damage
  • Made from 300 gauge polyethylene & coated with an anti-static agent
  • Can be heat sealed to secure products inside
  • Available in a range of sizes with varying widths and lengths
  • Click here for our resealable antistatic bags
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Opening Width x Length Bags
Price Per Bag Enter No. Of Bags
102 x 152 mm 500 4.5p 4.0p 3.5p 3.1p Remove 500 unitsAdd 500 units
127 x 203mm 500 5.8p 5.1p 4.5p 4.1p Remove 500 unitsAdd 500 units
152 x 254mm 500 9.1p 8.1p 7.1p 6.4p Remove 500 unitsAdd 500 units
203 x 254 mm 500 9.8p 8.6p 7.6p 6.8p Remove 500 unitsAdd 500 units
203 x 305 mm 500 11.7p 10.3p 9.1p 8.2p Remove 500 unitsAdd 500 units
254 x 356 mm 500 16.4p 14.5p 12.8p 11.5p Remove 500 unitsAdd 500 units
305 x 457 mm 500 25.1p 22.2p 19.6p 17.6p Remove 500 unitsAdd 500 units
406 x 457 mm 500 30.6p 27.1p 23.8p 21.4p Remove 500 unitsAdd 500 units

Packing sensitive electronics in anti static bags is a simple way to protect from static electrical damage. These pink anti static bags are coated with an anti static agent which dissipates any static before it causes damage to the contents. Suitable for both storage and shipping of non-sensitive components, these open top anti static bags are low-cost, easy to use and keep your products clean and moisture free.

Our pink anti static bags are pre-printed with the industry recognised ESD hazard warning logo, providing an additional reminder that the contents are susceptible to static damage. Dimensions shown are opening Width x Length.

These low cost anti static bags are made from 300 gauge (75 micron) polyethylene, suitable for sealing with any of our heat sealers for secure closure. We also supply this product with a resealable top if you need a reusable alternative.