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Metallised Shielding Open Top Bags

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  • Shielding bags offer protection against static charges
  • Open top bag design to store a range of products
  • Can be heat sealed and secured with cable ties
  • Printed with standard ESD logo and text
  • Most popular with electronic component distributors and IT industries
  • Available in a range of popular sizes
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Opening Width x Length Bags
Price Per Bag Enter No. Of Bags
102 x 152 mm 500 6.1p 5.4p 4.8p 4.3p Remove 500 unitsAdd 500 units
127 x 203 mm 500 8.1p 7.2p 6.3p 5.7p Remove 500 unitsAdd 500 units
152 x 254 mm 500 10.9p 9.6p 8.5p 7.6p Remove 500 unitsAdd 500 units
152 x 305 mm 500 13.0p 11.4p 10.1p 9.1p Remove 500 unitsAdd 500 units
203 x 305 mm 500 16.2p 14.3p 12.6p 11.3p Remove 500 unitsAdd 500 units
254 x 355 mm 500 22.5p 19.9p 17.6p 15.8p Remove 500 unitsAdd 500 units
305 x 457 mm 500 36.3p 32.1p 28.3p 25.4p Remove 500 unitsAdd 500 units
355 x 610 mm 500 56.5p 49.8p 44.1p 39.5p Remove 500 unitsAdd 500 units
457 x 508 mm 500 61.3p 54.1p 47.9p 42.9p Remove 500 unitsAdd 500 units

Open top metallised shielding bags offer excellent Faraday cage protection against damaging static charges. Dimensions shown are opening Width x Length.

With a metal film layer, metallised shielding bags protect even sensitive components from static damage. Once heat sealed, these specialised static shielding bags create the Faraday cage Effect by containing the charge from an ESD event to the outer surface of the bag, ensuring the sensitive contents remains protected.

Unlike standard pink anti static bags, our superior ESD bags provide three categories of protection; anti static, dissipative and shielding. We stock a range of nine popular sizes of open top metallised bags ranging from 4 x 6” up to 18 x 20” suitable for a host of sensitive components such as PCBs. All of our shielding bags are pre-printed with the universally recognised ESD warning symbols.

Our metallised bags are sufficiently transparent so the contents can be easily identified without removal. Metallic bags can be sealed using a standard heat sealer.