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Packaging for the healthcare industry

Packaging for the healthcare industry

Kite has worked with a number of healthcare companies, across a broad range of sectors from pharmaceuticals through to cosmetic products, and our bespoke offering can cover a number of different needs. We recognise that the healthcare industry requires high levels of service and absolute quality and accuracy to operate well, and that is reflective in the packaging solutions we offer. The healthcare industry requires a vast range of packaging materials, and our team of advisors and packaging technologists have expert knowledge in protecting products from dust, climate changes and damage in transit as well as creating packs that are discreet and produced to the highest standard.

We can also offer the required bespoke service package for the healthcare industry from our extensive offering.

These include:

  • Scheduled delivery – Kite can deliver products at specific timed delivery slots to ensure easy flow of products
  • Single source supply solution – due to Kites extensive expertise in all areas of packaging it can become the consolidated solution for a customer, excluding the need for products from a number of different suppliers
  • Technical product support – Kite’s team of packaging technologists are highly experienced in all industries and materials, providing technical solutions and solving technical problems
  • Product design and sample service – cutting-edge software is used in the design of product solutions and samples/prototypes are provided for full testing/trials until sign-off
  • Stockholding – state of the art warehouse and distribution facilities that are inventory managed

For further details of these offerings go to service.

Product offering

Kite provides the pharmaceutical industry with several different packaging solutions to protect goods along the supply chain and ensure a smooth flow of service.

These include:

  • Retail packs – blister packs, shrink packs, point of sale
  • Shipping cartons and solidboard cartons
  • Bespoke labels
  • Auto erect corrugated cases
  • Pallets
  • Stretch wrap
  • Grip sheets
  • Tissue paper (plain and coloured)
  • Glue dots
  • Outer labels
  • Air-bags
  • Bespoke polythene bags

Healthcare case study

Project brief

Kite Packaging approached one of the largest pharmaceutical and consumer healthcare companies in the world, with consumers in 180 countries, after it became aware that they were having problems with purchasing packaging directly from manufacturers. During the many years the company had dealt with mainline manufacturers they found that none of them were able to provide guaranteed delivery – a must-have requirement for this business that have a number of scheduled deliveries daily. In addition problems with multiple suppliers and poor technical support were becoming more of a problem, and Kite were asked to devise a number of solutions which would help consolidate the packaging so that it was all developed and provided by one supplier.

Because of the high stock-turnover and scheduled deliveries, the company needed a supplier that would supply goods daily, within a twenty minute accurate time-slot and for all orders to be delivered On Time In Full. They also needed every aspect of packaging that multiple suppliers had previously tended to so that the packaging operation could be consolidated to one supplier, to ensure better delivery and a main point of contact for technical support.

Design and development

Kite demonstrated the way it could solve this problem with its business model, which has a focus on service supply for large users of packaging. A presentation given to the company, and their knowledge of Kite’s expertise, highlighted the dedication to high quality service provision Kite offers. Most importantly Kite highlighted the fact that in all its years of operation statistics have never fallen below 99.7% for deliveries OTIF (on time in full).

Kite also demonstrated several service solutions; in particular stockholding whereby a number of the customers bespoke products could be held in Kite’s own facilities and delivered to scheduled time-slots when needed. This and other service solutions meant product would be delivered to the customer in the exact quantity, on exact days, to accurate timeslots and would be single stacked on a 40ft articulated trailer, which Kite could easily provide, – a key need for this client.

The customer also required products to fulfil a number of different criteria including high quality samples in a number of sizes and the technical expertise to develop products which would speed up the packing process and be attractive to retail. In these cases Kite developed a number of case erect corrugated packs which generally speed up the packing operation as there is no folding and minimal sealing involved. Throughout Kite’s relationship with the client point of sale packs have also been a focus of the project and high quality, attractive printed packs for the clients consumer (hair and beauty) section have been created.


Since being appointed as the packaging supplier for this business, supplying 100% of the packaging for a particular sector, product has been delivered OTIF from day one. This has developed a strong relationship between Kite and the company, creating further business opportunities and product line development – all of which have been successful.

Samples are created in the highest quality, fit for purpose to suit point of sale and wholesale products. These are then tested on-site to ensure the highest quality products that are fit for purpose.


Kite has been working with this customer for 8 years, a relationship that has flourished throughout the years and is subject to continuous improvement. The service solution provided by Kite has worked effectively, with all stock being delivered 100% OTIF to the specified delivery times.

Customer feedback

“Kite are the most reliable supplier we have ever worked with” – Spokesman for organisation.