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Bespoke service

Bespoke service


Kite specialises in packaging re-design where a new alternative pack delivers benefits such as:

  • Cost reduction
  • Improved performance and protection
  • Reduction in damages
  • Visually improved pack design
  • Quicker assembly and packing
  • Reduced pack weight
  • Smaller footprint, storage efficiencies
  • A more environmentally sensitive option

Kite offers a complete re-design, sampling and testing service to allow alternative options to be fully qualified prior to final production and delivery.

Pack rationalisation

Over time, many businesses acquire an ever-expanding range of packaging products and materials. This can prove to be costly and inefficient. Kite can look at every packaging product currently used with an aim to reduce and consolidate the range. This typically delivers:

  • Product savings because of increased production runs
  • Reduced inventory (less SKU's)
  • Simplification of the packaging process
  • Storage & administration efficiencies.

Just In Time (JIT)

Kite's service offering is often focused towards JIT. This allows customers to de-stock, reduce inventory on site and free up space, whilst Kite holds carefully managed 'buffer' stocks of the customer's unique packaging. In effect Kite's warehouse becomes an extension of the customer's business.
Various procurement platforms are available from Kite to facilitate this JIT service.

Consignment stock

This service from Kite allows customers with free space the option to store packaging at their own premises and draw from this 'buffer' stock on a daily basis as required. Kite then invoices what has actually been used either on a weekly or monthly basis from a simple stock check. The customer benefits from the security of generous stocks on their own premises which cover for 'spikes' and fluctuations in usage, whilst at the same time freeing up capital in the balance sheet and only paying for stock used.

Direct line feed / VMI

For major accounts Kite can not only deliver the packaging required to site but also bring individual materials / products line-side to the point of use. This often includes de-palletisation, utilising customised on-site storage and placing products into pre-determined locations. This service can be combined with VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) where Kite also checks stock levels while on site and automatically places replenishment orders to pre-agreed levels.

Kan Ban

"A system of continuous supply of components, parts and supplies, such that workers have what they need, where they need it, when they need it."

Kite will agree the minimum and maximum amount of each packaging product to be held at the customer's site. As a product reaches a re-order level Kite will organise immediate replenishment. Various signalling methods can be used to trigger this process and Kite can provide a customised solution if required.


Pioneered by Kite for packaging distribution, this smart use of technology allows our customers to focus on their business and products whilst Kite takes responsibility and care of the management of packaging inventory. Kite will remotely monitor usage and 'top up' as necessary to agreed stock levels. This serves to eliminate 'stock outs' and line stops whilst allowing the best and most efficient use of Kite's fleet of delivery vehicles reducing unnecessary costs and CO2 emissions.

Bespoke web platforms

Kite has developed in-house web platforms giving customers access to secure customised web portals for easy ordering at the click of a mouse button. Customers' own product codes and descriptions are used as well as cross matching to Kite's code. Orders placed are auto acknowledged and leave an e-audit trail for future reference. In addition, these 'micro-sites' allow access to Kite's expanding range of (2500+) commonly used packaging products for simple one stop ordering.

Kite will also embrace customers' own web platforms and has considerable experience in a wide range of formats.