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  • Made from heavy duty cardboard boxes provide a simple solution for packaging wine
  • Specially designed for transporting and storing 70cl & 75cl bottles
  • Internal divider cells are fully integrated into the box design for added strength and stability
  • Available as 6 and 12 bottle cartons, perfect for the drinks industry and also suitable for bottles of spirits
  • Each 6 bottle box cell divider is 125mm x 125mm, each 12 bottle box cell divider size is 90mm x 90mm
  • Sizes shown are the internal dimensions: length x width x height

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Boxes for wine bottles with cardboard dividers

Heavy duty wine bottle boxes with dividers are the simplest way to store and transport larger numbers of wine bottles. We offer options for both 6 and 12 bottles with each option offering its own unique design.

Cardboard boxes for bottles with dividers are useful for wine retailers, homebrew enthusiasts or caterers who either store or regularly transport quantities of wine. These cardboard wine bottle boxes may be safely stacked with care if required.

6 bottles boxes

With their unique crash lock base design, these easy to assemble single wall wine bottle boxes offer internal integrated dividers ensuring great strength and preventing the bottles from knocking together and rattling, therefore reducing the likelihood of damage.

They are extremely simple to put up, simply lock into place and then place bottles inside, unlike the 12 bottle boxes the internal dividers are suitable for not only wine bottles but also larger bottles such as champagne. This product can also be used in conjunction with our range of void fill for that added bit of cushioning if required.

12 bottles for boxes

Easy to assemble, our cardboard boxes for wine bottles are made with interlocking dividers which are built into the boxes to prevent bottles rattling and knocking together, reducing the likelihood of damage in transit. Our wine boxes for 12 bottles are specially designed for transporting or storing 70cl bottles of wine. Each box is equipped with a sturdy, extra-strong divider set that comes included within the box and protects your bottles. Our 12 bottle cartons are manufactured from extra strong double wall cardboard and can be used in conjunction with our range of void fill for extra cushioning if required. Discounts available for large volumes, call now for a quote.

Video: Wine bottle boxes with cardboard dividers
How to construct and use our wine bottle boxes

Our 6 and 12 wine bottle boxes are manufacured with built-in dividers, that simply pop up and are ready to use once the box is constructed. These dividers prevent bottles from knocking together. Each box comes with branding featured on the inside flaps, meaning it will not be seen on the outside once constructed. These single (6 bottle) and double (12 bottle) walled boxes are designed for transporting 70cl & 75cl bottles, but can also be used with bottles of spirits. Each 6 bottle box cell divider is 125mm x 125mm, each 12 bottle box cell divider size is 90mm x 90mm. Wine bottle boxes are perfect for retailers, homebrewers, eateries and much more. They provide protection even when storing goods for later use.