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  • A choice of bio-degradable and recyclable void fill made from shredded timber or paper 
  • Used to keep items safe and secure during transit and storage
  • Extremely popular with the gift industry and commonly used in hampers
  • Well-presented solution and offers a high-end finish
  • Sold in single naturally dried kiln bales that weigh 2.5kg and 10kg
  • Please note: You may temporarily receive wood wool in a polythene bag, this does not compromise or change the quantity you will receive as stated on the website.

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Wood wool

Perfect for presentation, our wood wool is a bio-degradable, environmentally friendly solution that does not cost the earth. Commonly used where presentation is important, our light shredded timber based wood wool is used for bottle packaging, gift-ware packaging, product display and gift & hamper packaging.

Not only does it make products look extremely well presented and offers a high-end finish, it is also extremely well known for protecting items. Wood wool was originally invented to transport pottery, therefore making it a great void fill for a variety of modern day products. Use it to protect glass, ceramics, crockery and much more as it prevents movement and keeps products safe during transit, ensuring delicate items do not arrive broken. Available in 10kg bales, or for smaller requirements 2.5kg bales.

Shredded Paper 

Shredded paper is a great void fill solution for protecting your goods when something more presentable than bubble wrap or paper padding is required.  

Our shredded paper is a biodegradable, recyclable and reusable product which demonstrates environmental responsibility. It provides high quality cushioning to your fragile goods in transit, securely holding space within packages to minimise movement and damage from occurring. It can be reused by the end consumer for pet bedding, arts and crafts and also within gift packaging, adding greater value to the experience of purchasing from your business thanks to its long-lasting qualities. 

In comparison to wood wool, shredded paper is dust and splinter-free, ensuring handlers or customers do not get cuts or splinters when packaging or unpacking. This gift packaging staple will elevate the presentation of your goods and enhance your customers’ unboxing experience.  

Available in 4kg bales and 10kg cartons for larger users. 

Video: Wood wool
Demonstrating how to use wool wood void fill for hampers and cartons

Light shredded timber based wood wool can be used for bottle packaging, gift-ware packaging, product display and gift & hamper packaging.