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  • Sturdy, high quality, heavy duty storage solutions for home, office and business use
  • Integrated lid boxes made with integrated hinged lid, an all-in-one solution
  • Premium boxes have a heavy duty unique design to provide simple assembly, can be assembled in seconds
  • Hand holes for ease of carrying once your boxes are filled. Delivered flat packed for ease of storage and handling
  • Printed panels for you to add notation information
  • Each size available as full set (base and lid), spare bases and lids available here

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Archive boxes

Archive boxes are of one the most commonly used forms of corrugated packaging, whether you are a small business, a large company or just sorting out your paperwork at home – traditional archiving boxes are typically the first choice when needing this type of packaging solution.

At Kite Packaging we understand the needs of customers when it comes to purchasing good quality, reliable packaging at a highly competitive price. Archive boxes are a classic example of a packaging product that could be considered as “every day”, most of us at some point have used these boxes for archiving requirements.

Document storage for companies is a very important element of adhering to good business practice, something that is relevant to all and any industry that has to keep, organise and file historical documents. The importance of archiving documentation, particularly over extended periods of time, is that the quality of the box is critical. The range of sizes offered by Kite Packaging has been added to our product range following considerable and painstaking research into what suits customers' demands the best. This approach applies not only in terms of having the best range of sizes but also ensuring that the materials used in the manufacture of our boxes are of the highest quality to offer the most reliable products which give customers peace of mind that their archived items are completely safe.

Premium collapse and reuse archive boxes

Our premium collapse and reuse archive boxes boast a unique, patented design which allows the box to be made up into its 3 dimensions in a matter of seconds. This sets them apart from traditional, time-consuming designs. The boxes retain the strength and quality of the traditional cardboard storage box but can be assembled in one simple step, speed of assembly being one of the major benefits they offer.

The double layered corrugated cardboard base maximises strength for heavier contents and is 100% recyclable. These archive boxes are made of 70% recycled material. The unique, patented design of the box means there is only one way to make the box up and the unique adhesion process seals the double layered sides, creating an easy to use box whilst simultaneously prolonging its durability.

Each archive box comes with printed outer panels that allow you to write on the outside of the box making future identification of the contents quick and easy.

Integrated hinged lid

Our range of integrated hinged lid archives are unique in the sense that the lid is integrated into the design and not separate, therefore taking up less storage space. Designed with ease and efficiency in mind, it can be easily assembled in a matter of seconds. The box is ideal for not only archiving but also a range of other storage requirements due to its strength and ease of stacking and is 100% recyclable. Each hinged lid archive comes with printed outer panels that allow you to write on the outside of the box for identification, and hand holes for ease of carrying.

When erected, the corrugated cardboard layers double up, therefore increasing the strength of the box, making it ideal for a range of uses. The fold-in design can be easily followed by watching our demonstration video.

Video: Our premium archive box range
Watch how to construct an archive box and what they can be used for.

Archive boxes – sturdy, extremely high quality storage solutions for home, office and business use.

Video: Our integrated hinged lid archive boxes
How to construct our hinged lid archives and what they can be used for.

Our integrated hinged lid archive boxes arrive flat packed, and take minimal time to construct. Lie flat and simply unpeel the sides of the lid and handle section of the archive box, turn over and repeat as shown. Prop the box on its side and begin to construct from the bottom. Bring inwards the branded flap, followed by the two handles and base. Turn upright and work inside the box. Using the finger dip, pull the first flap up, followed by the two handles. Lastly, fold back down the initial flap to finalise the archive and create a strong structure. These boxes are made with attached hinged lids, meaning there is no need for separate parts. Simply insert goods and slip the lid sides between the two layers to secure. Pop the handles and reuse over and over.