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  • Standard BDCM (Bulk Distribution Carton Metric) and BDC (Bulk Distribution Carton) boxes
  • Available in standard sizes including BDCM 1, 2, 3, 4 and BDC 1, 2, 3
  • Clearly printed black text on one side of the box, including space for supplier, catalogue number, colour and size
  • Made from high quality single wall cardboard
  • Delivered flat-packed ready to assemble

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Bulk Distribution Carton Metric (BDCM) boxes and Bulk Distribution Cartons (BDC) are the industry standard for the retail, clothing and catalogue trades to such an extent that many retailers will only accept stock if packaged in a specified BDCM or BDC carton.

Our BDCM cardboard boxes are available in a range of standard sizes from BDCM 1 through to BDCM 4, with each box featuring a standard BDCM print (in black) on one side that includes spaces for a supplier, catalogue number, colour, size, quantity and contact details. The Kite logo is printed on one of the bottom flaps.

Similarly, our BDC boxes come in sizes from BDC1 to BDC3. These have a slightly different print on one side, with space for gross weight, description and order number as well as the text shown on BDCMs.

The main difference between the 2 types is that BDCs are specified in inches, whereas BDCMs are specified in mm (hence 'Metric' in the name).

Each BDC/BDCM box is constructed from high-quality single wall cardboard, resulting in a sturdy, reliable carton. All box sizes are designed to fit well onto standard size pallets to create level, stable loads ready for transportation and storage.

Order your fashion boxes from Kite Packaging in bulk for substantial savings.

Board grades are as follows:

  • BDCM = 150K/T/B
  • BDC = 140K/T/B
Video: BDC and BDCM Boxes demonstration video
Assembling, labelling and using BDC and BCDM boxes to package clothing

We sell 4 standard sizes of BDCM boxes and 3 sizes of BDCs. These types of boxes are popular with the clothing industry and often specified by retailers.

Each size is delivered flat and can easily be assembled by taping the bottom flaps.

Once you’ve added your items to the box, it can be quickly labelled using the clear write-on panel.

Please note that this panel is slightly different on our BDC boxes.