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  • Corrugated storage bins, or k-bins, ideal for storing a range of components
  • Commonly used in picking areas and are suitable for a range of industries
  • Delivered flat packed to save storage space
  • Folding design, no glue or staples required
  • Made with printed panels to allow for labeling of contents

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What is a corrugated storage bin?

Available in six convenient sizes, our corrugated cardboard storage bins can cater toward a variety of commercial and domestic purposes. Also sometimes known as k-bins, these storage containers are manufactured from single wall corrugation and consist of a folding design with no requirement for glue or staples. The printed external panels allow you to label the contents and create a neat organisational system. This simple assembly allows them to be quickly erected and collapsed into their flat-pack form to conserve space when not in use. Each bin also features subtle branding. 

What can storage trays be used for?

These low-cost and versatile bins can work as effective factory storage for lightweight items. Certain product types can be conveniently separated by these corrugated containers or packaging materials can be stored in them on a pack bench. There are a near endless number of uses for eco-friendly storage bins in a warehouse or factory setting. Similarly, these pick bins can be used as effective underbed storage. The lowered front panel allows for easy access to goods in addition to providing an edge to grab onto to slide the packaging from underneath furniture. Six different sizes are available to offer the best fit for a varied range of purposes. Watch the video demonstration to see how to easily construct the bins ready for use.

Can these cardboard bins be recycled?

These storage bins are 100% recyclable and offer an eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic picking trays. Opting for this plastic-free approach reduces the amount of new plastic being brought into our environment which in turn works to minimise the growing quantity that finds its way into landfill or more worryingly, our waterways.

Video: Corrugated storage bins
See our range of storage bins and how they are constructed

Our cardboard storage bins are perfect for a range of industries when storing and organising small to large components. See our range of 6 sizes at 2 different heights.