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Corrugated Storage Bins

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  • Corrugated storage bins, or k-bins, ideal for storing a range of components
  • Commonly used in picking areas and are suitable for a range of industries
  • Delivered flat packed to save storage space
  • Folding design, no glue or staples required
  • Made with printed panels to allow for labeling of contents


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Length x Width x Height Ref Bins
Per Pack
Price Per Bin Enter No. Of Bins
200 x 100 x 100 mm
A1 25 35.2p 31.8p 28.6p 24.1p Remove 25 unitsAdd 25 units
300 x 150 x 100 mm
A2 25 42.6p 38.6p 34.6p 29.2p Remove 25 unitsAdd 25 units
450 x 200 x 100 mm
A3 25 50.4p 45.7p 41.0p 34.6p Remove 25 unitsAdd 25 units
300 x 150 x 200 mm
B1 25 69.4p 62.9p 56.5p 47.6p Remove 25 unitsAdd 25 units
450 x 250 x 200 mm
B2 25 89.3p 80.8p 72.6p 61.2p Remove 25 unitsAdd 25 units
600 x 300 x 200 mm
B3 25 99.3p 89.9p 80.8p 68.1p Remove 25 unitsAdd 25 units

The ideal solution for customers looking for warehouse storage, our range of corrugated cardboard storage bins, or k-bins, have been developed to ensure easy, clear cut organisation in the workplace. Manufactured from single wall corrugated cardboard, they are commonly used as picking and storage bins in a number of different industries for small to large components or items. Each bin features a lowered front panel for ease of access to goods. They are delivered flat packed to save space when storing them away.

Available in a range of different sizes these picking bins can be purchased in two different total heights, 100mm and 200mm. Thanks to their folding design, cardboard picking bins are simple to assemble and do not require any glue or staples. Each bin is branded and have printed panels to label contents. Printed panels allow for better organisation of the workplace and ease of finding items. See video demonstration on how to construct the bins.

These bins are 100% recyclable and are an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional plastic picking trays.

Video: Corrugated Storage Bins
See our range of storage bins and how they are constructed

Our cardboard storage bins are perfect for a range of industries when storing and organising small to large components. See our range of 6 sizes at two different heights.