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Economy Archive Box Set - 375 x 279 x 240mm - Pack Of 10
Small Archive Box
375 x 279 x 240 mm
10 £1.11 £1.09 £1.05 96.3p Remove 10 unitsAdd 10 units
Economy Archive Box Set - 381 x 327 x 252mm - Pack Of 10
Medium Archive Box
381 x 327 x 252 mm
10 £1.54 £1.42 £1.29 £1.16 Remove 10 unitsAdd 10 units
Economy Archive Box Set - 457 x 380 x 260mm - Pack Of 10
Large Archive Box
457 x 380 x 260 mm
10 £1.76 £1.68 £1.56 £1.45 Remove 10 unitsAdd 10 units

Kites range of standard archive boxes are the ideal solution for small businesses, large companies or individuals needing to organise paper work at home. Considered as an everyday product for many, it is vital that these boxes are of great quality and can withstand being used time and time again.

Making sure papers and documents are stored safe is extremely important, as often we refer to them a few times a year and therefore they can easily be misplaced. It is particularly important for companies to adhere to good business practice by keeping safe any files they have to store, file and organise.

The fold-in design can be easily followed by watching our demonstration video. Made with single wall cardboard, the flaps all fold into each other creating a strong three-layered outer, ensuring the boxes are robust and ridged to protect the items inside. The standard archive box range from Kite Packaging is incredibly versatile and comes as a set with a lid. They also feature printed outer panels that allow users to write on the outside of the box, making identification of contents quick and easy.

Video: Our Standard Archive Box Range
Watch how to construct one of our standard archive boxes and what they can be used for.

These boxes are perfect for storing documents and other important items.