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O Profile Edge Protection

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  • Specially designed O-shaped foam protection
  • Adapts to every curve and ideal for protecting round, cylindrical and elongated objects
  • Delivered as a slit profile piece, it can be ‘clipped’ on to objects for quick and easy protection
  • Surrounds a product with 360 degree shock-absorbency
  • Supplied in 2 metre lengths which can be cut to size
  • Dimensions:
      A = Internal diameter
      B = Foam thickness


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15-9 16mm 9mm 190 x 2m 49.1p 47.0p 44.4p 42.6p Remove 1 PackAdd 1 Pack
28-9 29mm 9mm 100 x 2m 55.9p 53.4p 50.5p 48.4p Remove 1 PackAdd 1 Pack

About O-profile foam protection

O-shaped foam protection is extremely popular for protecting delicate objects with curved edges, which are commonly the most difficult items to package. Providing 360 degree protection for cylindrical objects and protecting the edges of rounded objects such as furniture, wheels, sharp metal objects and poles. O-profile protection is incredibly flexible and offers great shock absorption.

Manufactured using low-density polyethylene, the foam has a deep slit in the top so that it can be easily clipped to your products, creating a ‘cocoon’ shape around goods. This makes packing much quicker, saving costs in the supply chain and improving throughput in your operation.

These foam profiles have a tight grip to fully protect delicate items from various kinds of damage, and for products such as bicycles provide protection for easy to damage parts such as the wheels and handlebars.

*Please note that our O-profile foam protection is fire-rated, and passes BS476 Part 12, ignition.

Our range of O-profile foam protection

Kite Packaging stocks three different sizes of O-Profile foam, to accommodate small and large objects. The foam is supplied in lengths of two metres as standard; however they can be cut if a smaller length is required.

Our O-profile protection is also water resistant, with minimal absorption after a 40 day period, as well as temperature resistant (from -40C to +100C).The material it is made from is robust, with high grip strength, however is gentle on products so it won’t scratch or damage the surface.

To support businesses in their concern for environmental issues during the packing process, the profiles are 100% recyclable and chemically neutral.


This particular range is defined by its ‘useable space-foam thickness’ (for example 15-9).

The O foam ‘A’ measurement is the diameter of the void inside the foam covering, and typically the ‘useable space’ is slightly less than the smallest diameter measurement. This is because there needs to be some space (around 1mm) in between the product and foam to ensure optimum performance.

The ‘B’ measurement is the thickness of the foam – in all cases this is 9mm (+/- 1mm).

Video: O Profile Edge Protection
Watch a demonstration on our O Profile Edge Protection range and application

Our O Profile foam protection is supplied in two metre strips.

O Profile foam comes with a pre-slit in the centre of the foam, so that it can be clipped to products easily.

It's great for protecting cylindrical objects, particularly chair and table legs.

It can also be easily cut using scissors or a packaging knife.

Once applied, O Profile protection takes the shape of the curved item - and can be easily removed once received by the customer.

O profile foam protection is also favoured by bicycle sellers and manufacturers, as it is perfect for protecting wheels. This is because it adapts to curves so easily, and provides a delicate but protective cover for the rubber.