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  • Specially engineered corner protection, with U channel design
  • Unique hugging design provides optimal protection for corners, and is non-abrasive
  • Blue in colour with 100mm length each side
  • Incredibly quick and easy to handle, can also be reused
  • Dimensions:
      A = Widest opening
      B = Narrowest opening
      C = Side length
      D = Bottom thickness

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U-tulip corner protection

Our U-tulip corner protectors provide optimal performance in transit and reduce damage to delicate corners. They are non-abrasive, are extremely easy to handle and can be used time and time again.

Ideal for furniture, glass panes, doors, mirrors, and trickier items such as radiators, safes and antiques. U-tulip protection fits snugly around corners, providing protection around it and the immediate edge.

Manufactured using industry-standard non-abrasive polyethylene foam, they are much easier and quicker to apply than bubble wrap or paper padding. The corners have a 30kg/m3 density, making them highly shock absorbent.

*Please note that our U-tulip corner protection is not fire-rated.

We stock a huge variety of U-tulip corners, which can accommodate most corners for protection in transit, and in storage. They are supplied as pieces, all with a length of 200mm total (100mm height and 100mm width).

Ranging from small 5-15 corners right up to 80-100 corners, they are all non-scratch and designed with flexibility and high grip strength. They are temperature resistant from -40C to +100C and absorb very little water (less than 1% volume after 40 days). If you are a green company these foam pieces are also a great choice in fulfilling your sustainability aims – they are 100% recyclable and chemically neutral.


U-tulip corner protection is U shaped and each length measures 100mm.

The U-tulip is defined by its useable dimensions (for example 5-15mm) which are measured according to its ‘A’ (widest) and ‘B’ (narrowest) opening. For example, when a corner is 16mm thick a 15-25 piece is needed, however if a corner is 14mm thick a 5-15 foam piece is required.

The ‘C’ dimension is the length of the profile side. Dimension D is the thickness of the profile bottom.

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