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  • Continuous heat sealers remain at a constant temperature to deliver a consistent seal every time
  • Various models available including table top and floor-standing machines
  • Continuous band sealers operate with a built-in conveyor
  • To be used with pre-made laminated bags - check the descriptions below for recommended material
  • Extended lead time - please call to discuss

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Continuous heat sealers

Heat sealers are a popular product in fulfilment operations as they produce a strong seal to apply to a variety of laminated materials, and are quick and easy to use. As your operation grows however you may consider moving from traditional hand operated models (impulse sealers) to more automated versions (continuous sealers).

Continuous heat sealers are designed to speed up the packaging operation by staying at a constant temperature throughout their use so that the seal that is applied is consistent and correct for each and every pack. Some of our machines are called ‘continuous band sealers’ - the band element is the conveyor mechanism built into the machine so that bags can be loaded individually and automatically sealed, landing on a conveyor or packing bench upon completion ready to be shipped.

We supply four different continuous sealing models to suit a variety of operations, from tabletop sealers to freestanding band sealers which work on a conveyor for a fast and efficient production line.

These machines include a 12 month warranty.

D541 continuous sealer

To be used with polypropylene, polyethylene, cellophane and thin laminates (maximum 120 micron), the D541 continuous sealer is light and compact making it an ideal portable tool for use in packing operations. Designed for use with pre-made bags, they can be sealed in either a flat or hanging position when used with the flexible support stand making it extra versatile. The machine can be fitted with a work table to stabilise heavy or large bags. The temperature is controlled through a digital panel, and the ceramic plates heat up in just a minute to remain constant throughout the packing process – delivering a perfect seal each and every time.

The D541 also has an automatic cool down feature for when it’s not in use for extra safety and can easily seal 5 metres of film a minute. The sealer has a 400mm seal length however due to its ergonomic design, can easily seal long sheets or bags simply by walking the sealer along the material. Due to being compact and lightweight, this sealer can be wall mounted to save space in the packing operation and seal bags vertically whilst in a standing position.

D545NH continuous band sealer

The D545NH continuous band sealer can be used on a workbench or table and is compact enough to fit in easily with a busy packing bench, measuring 610 x 460 x 270mm. It can accommodate a variety of pre-made bags manufactured from various materials including polyethylene, polypropylene, cellophane, paper, aluminium and other substrates. Bags are sealed lying flat on the conveyer belt, which can be easily adjusted in width and pulled towards the operator up to 70mm. This tabletop model is hugely versatile when it comes to sealing products at high volumes and all operations are completed through a digital control panel, which includes an automatic cooling function for extra safety.

The sealer can seal up to 10 metres of material a minute, and has a conveyor belt that is 590mm in length and 112mm in width (max).

D552 AVT continuous band sealer

The D552 AVT continuous band sealer has a vertical design, for large pre-made bags that require sealing whilst standing up such as packs of powder, liquids and even solid products that will spill if lying flat. This sealer has a variety of adjustable features which makes it another versatile option for your business. This includes a sealing head that can be rotated 90 degrees to allow for bags that are difficult to handle, that can also be adjusted in height. The integrated conveyor belt can also be adjusted in height and is controlled using the digital control panel, to synchronise its speed with the sealing unit. It comes with a rubber guide attached to ensure it stays centred and therefore does not require adjustment.

The seal belts are manufactured from a PTFE material, which offers significant improvement over elastomeric lip seals with better surface speeds and ability to withstand high temperature and pressure. The D552 AVT sealer can seal up to 10 metres of material a minute.

Video: How to use a continuous sealer.
Watch how to seal wide neck bags in a brief demonstration of our horizontal and vertical feed continuous sealers.

We sell both horizontal and vertical feed continuous sealers.

Feed your bagged product into one end, and as it moves along the conveyer the top is sealed.

As you can see, this machine produces a wide, strong seal.

Vertical models work in a similar way, and are suitable for tall items or products that need to stay upright.