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  • Removes air and seals a pack outside the machine
  • Validated packing machine that is certified for use with medical products and pharmaceuticals
  • Pneumatically closing sealing bars to ensure no overheating of electromagnets
  • Can operate as a table top machine or mounted on to a floor stand
  • When combined with support stand this machine can seal packs horizontally or vertically

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Industrial vacuum sealers

Vacuum sealers operate differently from vacuum chambers in that the bags are placed externally to the machine rather than inside it. Air is then removed and the bag is sealed, all of which is done outside of the machine. This is particularly useful when products need to be vacuum packed in a certain way, and the operator, therefore, needs to see the pack as it is being processed.

The Magvac power sealer is a validated, heavy-duty stainless-steel vacuum sealer suitable for a wide range of products and is food safe. It has been built according to the latest directives and is the best option for all validated sealing requirements. Used in both vacuum packaging and modified atmosphere packaging, a validated machine means that the same temperature and pressure is applied each time a product is sealed for consistency. Available in 3 different seal bar lengths 520mm, 720mm and 1020mm it is suitable to accommodate a variety of different sized goods, making it the ideal option for several industries. As well as a pump capacity of 11.3 m3/h, it has the ability to seal bags with a thickness of up to 400 micron.

It is fully equipped with a vacuum nozzle and pneumatically closing bi-active sealing bars (suitable for thick pouches and laminates) in which the top bar can be switched off. It is operated by a foot pedal so that both hands are free to handle the product, and the versatile design means that it can be used as a tabletop model or in conjunction with a floor stand (which also has a bag support to increase efficiency). This floor stand has been designed with warehouse flexibility in mind and enables you to seal bags vertically or horizontally. The MagVac also has 9 programs to choose from which can alter the vacuum and gas and one seal program, all controlled by a user-friendly digital panel. Is can also be used for customers looking to gas flush, which is a great alternative to silica gel, therefore reducing waste.

These machines include a 12-month warranty.

Vacuum sealer accessories

Support stand

Having the machine mounted on a support allows the height of the machine and sealing angle to be adjusted


Attached to the machine it supports the package to be sealed, and is ideal for heavier items

Bag support

Attached to the support stand is supports the package during the seal process and is suitable for lightweight items

Roller conveyer

Attached to the support frame this enables the machine to be used in a semi-automatic way and enables heavier products to be rolled into the correct sealing position and then moved on

Video: How to use a vacuum sealer.
Vacuum pack items in plain view using our Magvac sealer, watch how to use this vacuum packaging machine.

Insert your product into a vacuum bag and place this on top of the machine, with the opening facing the front.

Close the lid, ensuring the seal bar covers the opening of the bag.

You can see the air being removed from the pack through the glass lid.

The lid will open automatically when the vacuum process is complete.

Your product is now securely vacuum packed.