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  • Ideal for producing compact packs that offer protection from air and moisture
  • Choice of desktop and free-standing models
  • All operated via a digital control panel for simple operation
  • Varying pump capacity to suit your operation
  • Designed for use with our range of vacuum pouches
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Vacuum chamber machines

Vacuum chambers are used to remove excess air from plastic vacuum pouches and seal the top of the pouches. Typically used by the food industry when packaging items such as cheeses and meats. Using a vacuum chamber in your packaging operation is a highly efficient method when looking to create a professional looking and hygienic package, as the method reduces atmospheric oxygen which limits the growth of bacteria. The method is also ideal for shipping and fulfilment businesses looking to reduce bulky items, for instance clothing and bedding can be vacuum packed to reduce pack size, and for keeping small parts together in consignments such as in the engineering or furniture industry.

Vacuum chambers work by putting your product in a polythene vacuum bag and placing it inside the machine. Once the lid is closed over the product, a vacuum pump removes all the excess air from the chamber (including all the air that was in the pouch) and a built-in heat sealer seals the pouch shut. Air is then returned to the chamber allowing you to open the lid and remove your fully sealed package. It is an extremely quick process, and therefore ideal for businesses with a high volume throughput.

Our VMS 43, VMS 133 and VMS 153 vacuum chambers are suitable for use on a desk or tabletop. Made from stainless steel with a transparent or metal lid, their compact design is perfect for any warehouse and particularly when space is at a premium. We also offer the VM 203 free-standing model which is ideal for high volume usage. The vacuum chambers are all operated using a digital control panel.

Kite’s online offering of vacuum chambers includes 4 different models with varying specifications – see below for more information.

These machines include a 12 month warranty.

VMS 43

The VMS 43 has a 3.5mm double seal to seal the top of the bag and an effective chamber size of 270mm x 310mm. Ideal for small to medium-sized products. The machine uses one programme via a digital control panel to operate which is a standard vacuum programme for various goods, with the exception of fragile items. The VMS 43 features a 4m3/h capacity.

VMS 133

The VMS 133 machine uses one programme to operate and has a double seal with a width of 3.5mm. It has a larger effective chamber size of 410 x 370mm so is more suitable for larger items and has an improved pump capacity of 16m3/h to create a tighter seal.

VMS 153

The VMS 153 machine is our more advanced offering in terms of desktop vacuum chambers. It has 10 programmes which are operated through a digital control panel. This includes a ‘soft air’ option which enables fragile (fish, potato chips) and sharp (T-Bone steaks) items to be vacuum packed without causing damage. The VMS 153 has an effective chamber size of 410mm x 370 mm and the highest pump capacity out of our desktop offering at 21 m3/h, it also has a 3.5mm double seal positioned to seal the top of the bag.

VM 203

The VM 203 machine is a free standing model with an effective chamber size of 510 x 500mm and a chamber height of 230mm, ideal for vacuuming larger products. The key difference with this model (apart from being larger and free-standing) is that it has two seal bars on either side of the chamber. The dual bar design allows for a greater number of pouches to be sealed at any one time – because of the larger chamber size multiple pouches can be accommodated at once depending on product size. It has an impressive pump capacity of 63m3/h so that it can vacuum pack items with speed and efficiency. The VM 203 also comes with 10 programmes operated via a digital control panel, including soft air functionality for fragile and sharp items.

Comparison grid

Compare features of our machines using the grid below:

  VMS 43 VMS 133 VMS 153 VM 203
Digital control (1 programme)        
Digital control (10 programmes)        
Stainless steel chamber        
Aluminium chamber        
Transparent lid        
Aluminium lid        
Double seal 3.5mm        
1 seal bar        
2 seal bars        
4 m3/h Busch pump        
16 m3/h Busch pump        
21 m3/h Busch pump        
63 m3/h Busch pump        
Soft air        
Multi cycles        
Expansion reduction        

Video: How to use a vacuum chamber machine.
Watch a demonstration of the Audion VMS vacuum chamber machines, and how vacuum packaging works.

Place your product in a vacuum pouch and insert the open end between the sealer bars.

Use the foot pedal to operate the machine, closing the seal bars and starting the vacuum process.

Once the process is complete, the bars will release and your vacuum-packed product can be removed.