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  • Fill and seal polythene bags efficiently
  • Speeds up packing process and ensures consistency throughout the packing operation
  • Uses pre-opened bags on a roll or lay flat tubing for customised bags
  • Easy to operate with adjustable controls
  • Bespoke and semi-automatic bagging machine available

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Bagging machines

Bagging machines are automated solutions designed to use either a plastic tubing (film or polythene) or pre-opened bags on a roll to speed up the filling and sealing process used for a variety of products. Incorporating rollers holding the packaging material in place and dispensing when needed, operators can fill a bag and seal it within seconds ready for dispatch. Also known as form, fill and seal machines, they are designed to give consistency to your operation and reduce labour time by offering a strong seal to bags using a heat sealing method, each and every time. Bagging machines are typically used in conjunction with a conveyor or packing bench so that once bags are filled and sealed they can travel through the operation ready to be packed in boxes or labelled.

Our automated bagging systems are available in two different models to suit various packing operations, there is an option for every style of business, whether you are just starting out in the world of automated packaging or looking for an advanced model to further improve efficiency.

You can choose from a tabletop or floor standing system depending on the warehouse space available and your production volumes, each with their own individual specifications to suit your operation. There are varying advantages of each machine including various adjustable controls to suit your product and varying speeds depending on your throughput, simply click the ‘more info’ tab on each product to find out more.

Each model uses the latest technology to make operating as simple as possible, and all include a touchscreen control panel and ability to use via foot pedal so that hands are free to properly handle the product. A cost-efficient way to bag, it creates labour saving by automating your packing process and film rolls can easily be exchanged, saving operating time. With this combined manual filling and smart bagging systems, speed, capacity and flexibility are all improved.

Speedpack hybrid

The speedpack hybrid is suited to larger sized operations and can be bespoke to suit the customers’ requirements. As well as running bags on a roll, you can also run tubing film enabling the user to make bag sizes to suit.

Speedpack tabletop 300

The speedpack tabletop 300 is a semi-automatic bagging machine that helps increase efficiency and productivity in smaller to medium-sized operations, operating from pre-opened bags on a roll. Simply place the goods inside the bag, the machine then seals and completes. This machine can seal around 20 bags a minute, the continuous airflow opens the bag and optimises an easy manual product loading. The user-friendly touch panel means that settings can be easily adjusted.

Benefits of the speedback 300:

  • Labour savings by implementing simple semi-automation
  • No compressed air needed: fully electrically powered
  • Easy product loading
  • Automatic and manual operation mode
  • High capacity: up to 20 bags per minute
  • Compact design
  • User-friendly touch panel
  • Easy bag changeover from front side
  • Low maintenance
  • Sealing length up to 300 mm
  • Self-diagnostic problem solving

Speedpack tabletop bag stretcher and support table

The bag stretcher and support table can be purchased separately together with the machine. The bag stretcher stretches the bag during sealing and together with the support table, encourages a straight seal without wrinkles. When filled with an array of products bags will sit differently, depending on if the product is long, wide, odd-shaped, and so on and these two products work particularly well when this is the case. The bag support table supports the bag during filling and sealing ensuring a straight seal of the bag. It has an additional incline support plate which inclines after each seal to discharge the bag.

Grey mailing bags on a roll

Designed for use with our range of bagging machines these grey mailing bags on a roll come in two sizes and are each 50 micron thick. They are the ideal solution for a range of solutions such as crafts, beauty, clothing, games, books and much more.

Video: Speedpack 300
How our speedpack 300 bagging machine works

The speedpack tabletop 300 is a semi-automatic bagging machine that helps increase efficiency and productivity. The bag stretcher and support table can be purchased separately together with the machine.